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Super Mario 3D World

final kaoss

Staff member

5 Final Stamps​

5 Stamps are not collected in levels and appear to be portraits of the 5 main characters (including Rosalina). These stamps are only unlocked when you beat all levels with each character. For instance, if you beat every level with Mario, you will get the Mario Stamp. If you play the game with multiple players, they all count for this challenge so long as they touch the end flag. This means that the shortest way to get all 85 Stamps is to play the game once with three characters playing at once, then play every level again with Rosalina and the remaining character.

5 Profile Stars​

You can get 5 Stars by your save profile in Super Mario 3D World. To get each star, complete the following challenges:

Beat Worlds 1-8
Get every Green Star in Worlds 1 through World Flower
Beat World Star, World Mushroom, and World Flower
Get every Green Star in the game
Get every Green Star, Gold Flagpole and Stamp (you must beat every world with every character, including Rosalina)

Bonus Worlds​

WorldHow to unlock
Crown WorldObtain all stamps, Green Stars, and hit all Checkpoint Flags from World 1 to World Flower.
Flower WorldComplete Mushroom World Stage 7.
Mushroom WorldComplete Star World.
Star WorldComplete main game.

Change Level Flags​

If you reach the top of a flag pole, the flag on the map screen will turn gold instead of red. If you get all the Green Stars in a level, a spinning Green Star will appear above the flag pole.

Character: Rosalina​

Rosalina will be an unlockable playable character in Super Mario 3D World, as revealed in November 13th's Nintendo Direct. She'll have a special spin attack.

Crown World​

Collect all stamps, Green Stars, and have all Checkpoint Flags Gold from World 1 to World Flower.


Much like in the original Super Mario Bros. If you end a stage on a 1, 3, or 6 you will receive fireworks in the shapes of stars and circles.

Flower World​

Complete Mushroom World Stage 7.

Giant eight-bit Luigi​

After getting the cat suit during the first Boss battle with Bowser, run up a wall to see a giant bridge. Keep watching the bridge until a giant eight-bit Luigi appears, swimming under it.

Hidden Luigis​

There are many hidden Luigis throughout the entire game. They reside within levels, in the overworld maps and even within minigames! While it is not yet clear whether or not they appear within every single level there are more hidden Luigis than you can shake a stick at. Please edit this section with more information as to whether or not a save file from Super Luigi U is needed to activate these hidden bonuses or if they are there for everyone to celebrate The Year Of Luigi one last time.

Infinite Lives​

You can get three crowns-worth of lives, or 1,110 lives, in World 1-2. You can do this by passing the first Koopa and making your way to the area with a second Koopa and a Goomba on a slightly raised platform. Kill the Goomba, then jump on the green Koopa and steal its shell. Hop up onto the platform with the Goomba and face the rear wall while standing in front of the three brick blocks (press the D-pad UP to aim directly at the wall). Throw the Koopa and then immediately jump. Don't press anything else and you will bounce off the Koopa shell and never touch the ground while it bounces infinitely off the rear wall. This will result in infinite 1-Ups so long as you don't move! You'll need to return to the level twice to fill up your lives to 1,110 because the time will run out once you hit 600 or so on your first go.

Alternate method: You can get more lives (about 900) if you toss the first shell through the pipe, so that it bounces back and forth on the lip of the lower pipe. As long as you are facing the right direction (East/West) the shell will bounce back and forth very fast.
Luigi Bros. Mini-Game

A modified version of the NES version of the classic Nintendo arcade game Mario Bros. called Luigi Bros. can be played from the menu screen of Super Mario 3D World. It is unclear how this game is unlocked at this point, but it will automatically be unlocked early on Wii Us with New Super Luigi U saves on them. In it you can play as two different versions of Luigi simultaneously.

Mushroom World​

Complete Star World.

Play as Rosalina​

Complete Star World 2.
Save File Stars
Glitering Stars - Your save file stars will be glittering if none of your levels have been cleared using an Invincibility Leaf. If any of them have, simply go back and clear those levels legitimately to get the glittering stars.

StarHow to unlock
Glittering StarsAll levels cleared without use of Invincibility Leaf.
Star #1Beat the final level in World 8 (Bowser).
Star #2Collect all Green Stars in Worlds 1-8.
Star #3Collect all Stamps in Worlds 1-9 (there are none in 10-11).
Star #4Get all Golden Flags in Worlds 1-11.
Star #5Beat worlds 1-11 with all characters for the final Stamps.
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Star World​

Successfully complete the main game.

The Legend of Zelda Easter Egg​

Bring the Fire Flower power-up with you to the first level of Star World. Halfway through the level, after you finish your ride on the dragon, you'll spot two torches. You can light those torches with your fireballs, which opens a gate and produces a cloud. Ride the cloud up into the air and light the blocks you find there to uncover Link, gaining the second green star in the process.

Toad House​

If the best power-ups are in the big box, the pattern is small-big-small-big. If the best power-ups are in the small box, the pattern is big-small-big.

World 1-2 Warp To World 2​

The Cat Suit is required for this cheat, so pick one up in World 1-1 Super Bell Hill and hold it in your inventory or wear it through the level. Near the end of the underground portion of the level is a pipe that splits into two paths, one with a loop with coins in it.

On the far side are three long ? blocks that are invisible against the rear wall. Use these to reach the upper path with a lone Koopa patrolling it. Above this Koopa is a hard-to-spot gap in the ceiling. Run up the rear wall to find a red warp pipe. This will warp you to World 2.

World 4-2 Warp To World 5​

The Cat Suit is required for this cheat, so have one handy in the inventory or nab it in the area. After exiting the underground portion (with the checkpoint flag) you will come out of a warp pipe with a clear mystery box. Run up the wall that it is touching to reach the top of the waterfall. After jumping across the poisonous water, there will be red warp pipe. This will warp you to World 5.
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