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final kaoss

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Super Famicunt

We will be doing everything in our power to get that damn Super Nintendo on the go tonight!!

*Big white sheet, check.
*Super Famicom (Super Nintendo), check.
*AV leads, check.
*Video Projector, check.
*Power Supply, check.

*Two Control Pads, check.

Good games needed for the Super Famicunt:
Legend of zelda: a link to the past, check.
super mario world, check.
super mario allstars, check.
f-zero, check.
super metroid, check.
final fantasy 2, check.
final fantasy 3, check.
final fantasy mystic quest, check.
breath of fire, check.
breath of fire 2, check.
contra 3, check.
populous, check.

Begin Mission.
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