Hi there, I'm new to the whole psp CFW stuff. I have psp I bought several years ago and now deciding to upgrade my psp to CFW. I have search the internet in and out and I am stumped. I didnt want to resort to using forums because it appears these questions come too often and people get really upset. so here's my questions.

I'm currently trying to find the motherboard on my psp 2001 piano black and find out if my psp is even hackable?
I am having troubles finding out because i accidentally updated my psp ofw to 6.60 and am unable to get chickHen and pspident becuase i need 5.03 or lower to find out.
Also what from I have been reading the pandora battery wont work if i do have the TA-088v3. I don't want to resort having to buy and spend money on a pandora battery from across the world and having waiting forever to receive it to find out i do have the TA-088v3.
also i do not have the original box it came to look at any stickers and what not.

so I'm stuck on what to do? should I be waiting for some kind of downgrader to come out in the future? or do i have no chance at all to find out and am i screwed? or should I just buy a pandora battery either way?

would appreciate some help.

here is some additional info on my psp if it helps.

PSP 2001 piano black
IC : 409b-psp2001
FCC ID : AK8PSP2001 i

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