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hey guys, i wanna start streaming with my dreamcast but i kinda got a problem. couple of weeks ago i build this cheap pc to capture my gaming footage from ps4,retron 5,wii(with a convertor), and my 360. the capture device i got is the avermedia hd live gamer card that you can put in your pci express slot on your pc then a box that you have to connect with a usb that cause lag. this capture card is great but it got one problem. it only connect to hdmi only.

i do have a vga box for my dreamcast but i need to know if i can find or get a another convertor box that output hdmi that is a good brand. also won't cause lag. and this capture card can capture in 720 and 1080 even 4k but is that any convertor box that just output 720 so i can capture while streaming.
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