Story 'bout a bricked Psp(-1004) and wierd pandora battery


I am so sorry if I have managed to overlook a thread that could help me.

I got my sisters psp (psp-1004 with firm-ware 6.00), and a Pandora battery
with a Magic Memory card. I placed my memory card and pandora battery in the psp, and plugged in the power. It started up and I pressed x to start the m33 program.

Around 20% the psp turned it self of. I started It up again, and beeing afraid that it was some wierd 'screen saver' function, i started the m33 program and pressed down every 5 sec.

It still shut itself down at 20%. After that it would not turn itself on again. I tried to plug in the power-cable, there would be a orange light that would shine for 3sek, than a green light that would blink and then turn ifself of.

I tried to run the recovery (pressing down R when turning it on). But it dont work. I can plug in my normal battery, and it turn on (green light), but again, the recovery thingy dosnt work.

The day after, i tried the pandora battery and memory card again, it turned on, but when updating, it would turn itself off - again around 20%
I have bought a new charger, and it dosnt help any.
Is there any way for me to get it to work? Again, I have a psp-1004 and firmware 6.00.

I apologize if have asked any overly answered questions, there is a lot of information around, it's kinda hard to pinpoint it to help me.
I would be greatly thankful for any help.
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