Star Wars Trilogy

All the hidden stuff on dvd's can go here.

final kaoss

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Alternate Menus​

On each movie disc, when the "Warning" screen is showing, hit the following buttons on your remote to gain access to a different menu:


Blooper Reel​

Insert the bonus disc and go to [Video Games and Still Galleries]. From there press on your remote control:

11 (press enter)
3 (press enter)
8 (press enter)

This reel runs for over 4 minutes and features footage from all three films.

Hidden Trailer​

Insert the bonus disc. From the [Main Menu], select the [Trailers and TV spots] option. Press 1138 on your remote. Where "trailer" once appeared, it should now say, "Revenge Trailer". Select it to reveal a hidden trailer for "Revenge of the Jedi" before it was renamed to "Return of the Jedi".
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