Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds Saga

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Cheat Mode​

Press [Enter] during game play to display the chat window. Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Build fasterforcebuild
Buildings and units do more damagesuddenly silenced
Spawn regular boatscaryneighbor
Destroy indicated opponentdarkside[number]
Destroy all enemiestarkin
Faster aircraftthe fighters are coming in too fast
Full mapforceexplore
1000 Carbonforcecarbon
1000 Foodforcefood
1000 Novaforcenova
1000 Oreforceore
Spawn killer Ewoksimonsays
Spawn Corellian Corvettetantive iv
Spawn Death Starthat's no moon
Gives the Imperial Star Destroyerimperial entanglements
Jedi turning is sharperthe force is strong with this one
No fog of warforcesight
Stronger ground unitsintensify the forward fire power
Stronger Jedimost poweful jedi
Win missionskywalker
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