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Cheat Codes​

During the game, hit BACKSPACE, type the code in the red box, then hit ENTER. Most of the codes toggle the effect (type it in the first time to enable the effect, repeat it to disable it). Don't type the quotation marks when you enter the codes, but be sure to include any spaces if they're included in the list here.

Displays the message "Debug 1" the first time and "Debug 2" if you type it again (not sure what exactly happens for either one).

Displays the message "Open your heart" the first time and "Excellent meditating" if you do it again (it may include an effect).

"from above"
Toggles the top view camera perspective.

"naughty naughty"
Toggles the over-the-shoulder camera view.

Toggles wireframe mode for the level and character models.

Displays the message "Feel the power of REX" and toggles wireframe mode for the menus.

Toggles between displaying 60 and 30 animation frames per second (it doesn't actually speed up your frame rate, it just displays the animation faster)

"but i feel so good"
Displays the message "you're the guy with the force" and then "play nice" if you do it again.

Displays "Deadly force authorized" and then "Nobody's perfect" if you repeat.

Enables the "Super Slowmo Mode", goes back to "Normal Mode" if you repeat it.

"The tables have turned". Displays "it was just a dream... or was it?" if you repeat.

"i like to cheat"
Gives you all the weapons with full ammo if applicable.

"heal it up" or "give me life"
Fills up your health to 100% (you can only use it up to 5 times per game).

"where is gurshick" or just "gurshick"
View the game's credits.

Shows the message "Tech bonus!".

"i rule the world"
Raises the difficulty level (equivalent to doing very well in the game).

"i stink" or "i really stink"
Lowers the difficulty level (equivalent to doing poorly while playing).

Displays the frame rate and current screen resolution.

"donttttt", "rrrrright", or "kill me now"
Drain all your health.

"drop a beat"
Wobble vision.

Play as the Queen.

Play as Qui-Gon Jinn.

Play as Obi-Wan.

Play as Captain Panaka.

"beyond cinema"
Toggles letterbox (cinema-style wide screen) mode.


Use the following trick to get a box of Chokie and a single Chokie. Go to the person who sells Chokie and ask for just one Chokie. Kill him, and a box of chokie will be on the ground where he was standing, or beside him. You will now have both the single Chokie and the box of Chokie.

Deadly Force​

While playing, press backspace and type "but i feel so good" (do not include the quotation marks). The force will turn red and make a different sound when used.

Defeating Darth Maul​

When fighting Darth Maul during the final battle, he uses the same attack (swing and over head slash). Uses the opposite attack as he is using and he will be defeated easily.

Defeating second Boss on level 7​

After you find the blue thief in his house, push the box forward into the pit. Get the health if needed. Go across the pit and jump into the doorway. You should be able to see the Boss waiting for you. Take out your blaster and shoot him from there. He will not be able to harm you from his position.

Easy way to kill Darth Maul​

In the last place where you fight Darth Maul (The room with the giant hole in it) Keep on using Force or Gungan balls and he will move towards the hole then he will fall down and die.
NOTE: only do this when he is not on the bridge on top of the hole because it won't work.

Gardens Of Theed​

Swim up the river and when you get to where there are platforms, jump on the one that goes up. When you get to the end use the Force.


While playing, press backspace and type IAMAGOD and press enter. The message "your lordship" will appear when you turn it on and the message "Amen" when you turn it off.

Mos Espa: Make Mawhonic sing​

Go to Mawhonic's podracer garage and visit him in the back room. Take out a weapon and talk to him. He should say, "Take anything you want, just don't kill me!" When he stops, immediately talk to him again. Keep doing this each time
Mawhonic stops talking and he will sound very much like he is singing.

Otah Gunga: Make Jar Jar explode​

During the start of the Otah Gunga mission, walk into the room where Jar Jar is located. Start killing the guards. After you kill two guards, Jar Jar will repeat this statement, "Yousa start big fight. Yousa very bad!". He will start running to the
passageway to the left, but will not go anywhere. He will just be running in place. After all the guards are dead, Qui-Gon will say "Look out! Take cover!", after which a thermal detonator will kill Jar Jar.

Permanent Energy Shield​

While playing, press backspace, then type "cant touch this". Do not include the quotation marks. This cheat can only be used while debug mode 1 is on (oldcode).

Quick Force Recharge​

Whil playing, press backspace and type "perfection" (do not include quotation marks). This should recharge your force power 50% faster, but the force will display no visible changes in size.

Saber Attacks​

1)Downward slash: Lightly tap the attack key without moving.

2)Defensive Move: Hold the attack key and back up.

3)Offensive Swing Followed by Block: Hold the attack key wothout moving.

4)Double Slash and Hand Roll Swing: While Moving forward, lightly tap the attack key 3 times.

5)High Donward Slash: Jump or flip into the air and lightly tap the attack key.

6)360 Swing: Hold the attack key while turning. Obi-Wan can also do this after a jump.

7)180 Swing: Jump into the air and press the attack key gently. Works best with Qui-Gon.

8)90 Swing: Press the attack key gently.

9)Uppercut:Lightly tap the attack key while moving backwards.

10)Rolling Slash: Jump off a high ledge that you can roll to land and lightly tap the attack key. I still can't master this as Obi-Wan.

11)Stab: The coolest and most difficult moves to master. Your target must be directly in front of and very close to you to do this. Walk towards the target and press the attack key 5 times. If the target hasn't moved away from the attack by the fifth time you attack, then you should spin 360 degrees and then drive your light saber into the enemy. This works as a one hit KO to every enemy except Darth Maul, Captain Neg's Ape, Jabba's Champion, and the guy who takes Anakin's ignition capacitor.

There are plenty of other attacks that utilize the light saber, but the ones that are the coolest and most effective are listed above.

Saber Boost​

While playing, press backspace and type "Swing batter batter". This will boost your saber strength enough to kill most enemies in one hit. This only works for Obi-Wan and Quigon.

Shoot AAT Missles​

During game-play, if you have gun #3, press backspace and type "happy". It should say "Open Your Heart" when you turn the cheat on and "Excellent Meditating" when you turn it off.

Tatooine: More items​

Get to the point in the Tatooine level where you save the pink person's house in the slave quarters, and you save the man in the corner who tells you to step into his store. You can talk to him repeatedly and not take what he gives you to
receive more than one of what he offers.

Turn Off All Cheats​

During gameplay, press backspace and type "turntables" (don't include the quotation marks). This will not prevent you from getting the cheater rank at the end of the game.
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