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Star Trek: 25th Anniversary

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This is the manual to the NES game.....

Star Trek: 25th Anniversary (from Ultra)
Model Number: NES-BZ-USA

[Table of Contents]___________________________________________

Introduction ............................................................... 4
Captain's Log: Stardate 2831.3 ............................................. 5
Password System ............................................................ 6
Report to the Bridge ....................................................... 7
Control Functions ......................................................... 10
Getting to Know the Enterprise ............................................ 12
Battle Commands ........................................................... 15
Planetary Exploration ..................................................... 16
A Q&A Guide to Adventure Games ............................................ 18

[Page 3]

[These are the Voyages of the Starship Enterprise...]_____________________

On orders from Starfellt, the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise was in the
vicinity of Sigma Iotia collecting data on strange disturbances in the local
gravitational and magnetic fields. The fluctuations produced a mysterious
"hole" in space and, as the hole grew in size, the Enterprise was nearly drawn
into its center. Miraculously, at the last moment a space distortion threw
the Enterprise and her crew into the heart of uncharted space. Safe from harm
for the time being, it is up to the Enterprise to return to the Iotian system
and find a way to reverse this rip in space before it grows too large and the
galaxy is annihilated!

[Page 4]

[Captain's Log: Stardate 2831.3]_________________________________

(Captain James T. Kirk, recording)

We find ourselves far, far from our mission which began on the planet Iotia.
A rip in the very fabric of space has sent us light years across the galaxies
and caused the Enterprise grave damage. Mr. Scott informs me that her engines
are nearly depleted of dilithium, leaving us stranded. As luck would have it,
the ship's sensors have picked up readings of dilithium crystal deposits on a
nearby planet. Our location is still a mystery, but First Officer Spock
should have our position plotted soon. First things first, however. I must
take a landing party and beam down to the planet surface to retrieve the
dilithium crystals. Then we must plat a course back to the Sigma Iotia system
and find the source of the interdimensional hole which caused this disaster.

[Page 5]

[The Password System]__________________________________________

The first part of the game is an introductory story. The first time you play
you will want to read this story to understand the plot of the game. Later,
when you play again, you can skip the introduction by pressing START to get to
the title screens, then START again to go to the Password screen.

At the opening story you will have to choice of START for a new game or
CONTINUE for a saved game. If you select CONTINUE, enter the Access Code to
return to your previously saved game. Use the control pad to move to the
letter you want, then press the A button to enter it. When you are done,
select END. (You get Access Codes during the game when you select SAVE in the
Options window. You may only SAVE a game when you are on the ship.)

[Page 6]

[Report To The Bridge]________________________________________

As Captain Kirk, your mission will take you to strange new world, but you have
to know how to be an effective captain first. You control navigation,
communication and battle tactics from the ship's bridge. The Enterprise and
her crew are the pride of the Federation -- treat them with respect and they
will perform outstandingly.

The Front Screen

The front screen usually gives a view of space as seen from the front of the
Enterprise. It also doubles as a computer screeen, allowing you to display
important information about the ship, nearby planets or whatever you need to
use. If the ship's computer has it in memory, then Spock or Scotty can
probably call it up for display.

[Page 7]

Your Crew:

As you look around the bridge, you'll see the crew at their appropriate
positions. You mat communicate with them to gather information vital to your

Commander Spock -- Science Officer and First Officer
A.K.A. "Mr. Spock" This proud half-Vulcan is the finest First Officer in
Starfleet, and one of your best friend. His intellectual and logical
capacities have kept your tail out of the fire on many occasions.

Chief Engineer Scott -- Engineering
A.K.A. "Scotty" The old saying goes "If it isn't broke, don't fix it."
Well, if it is broke, or you want to keep it from breaking, Scotty's the
man to call.

[Page 8]

Lieutenant Uhura -- Communications
If a life from can communicate, Uhura will find a way to translate.

Chekov and Sulu -- Navigation and Helm
These two men are the finest Starfleet has to offer. In their combined
years of service for the Federation, they have flown almost every type of
wessel -- uh, vessel -- known.

Dr. McCoy -- Ship's Doctor
A.K.A. "Bones" He's a doctor, not a warrior. All you can expect out of him
are expert medical opinions and unconditional loyalty.

[Page 9]

[Take the Con, Captain]__________________________________________

(Picture of Control Pad pointing to the Control Pad, Select
Button, Start Button, B Button, and A Button.)

[Page 10]

On Planet: On Ship:
|Control Pad | Moves landing crew in 4 | Turn to face different crew |
| | directions. Also aims phaser.| members. Move selection box|
| | and moves selection box in | in Option window. |
| | Option window. | |
|A Button | Activates Tricorder. | Speeds text in response box.|
| |--------------------------------------------------------------|
| | Enters selections in Option window for both planet and ship.|
|B Button | Fires Phaser. | Not active. |
|Select | Displays player's health. | Not active. |
|Start | Calls up the Options window for both planet and ship. |

During Combat:

Control Pad moves the ship. A button fires phasers. B button fires photons.
Press the Start button to pause.

[Page 11]

[Getting To Know The U.S.S. Enterprise]______________________________

As you begin the voyage, the ship's computer will play back the Captain's Log
for you. This will provide some background information about your situation.
The crew will also report to you about your current status.
As the game progresses, you can ask for information from your crew members,
communicate with other life forms, sound the red alert, get a reading from the
computer about your current location in the solar system and plot a new course
for the Enterprise. The way to perform all these actions is through the
Options windos.

On-Ship Options Window

From the bridge of the ship, press the Start button to call up the Options
window. This window displays buttons for each crew member, the navigational
chart, communications, transporter room and the all important Red Alert. Use
the Control Pad to move around the window. When the button you want is
highlighted, press the A button on your controller.

[Page 12]

Crew They will give a status report in their specialized field.

Navigation This calls up the computers display of the current solar
system. Use the Control Pad to move left or right to view
each planet. Press the A button to select a planet. The
computer will tell you what is known about that system
and ask if you wish to plot a new course.

[Page 13]

Transporter Select this button to beam down to the planet surface.
You will be prompted to select your landing party.

Communications This option will have Lt. Uhura open a hailing frequency
to make contact with any intelligent life form in range.

Red Alert When an enemy vessel approaches and makes hostile gestures
toward you, this will send you into battle conditions.

Save Game Select this option to receive an Access Code. Use the
Access Code at the beginning of the game with the "Continue"

[Page 14]

[More Action On The Bridge]_____________________________________

Sound the Alert!

When the sensors indicate that another vessel is in the are, you may select
the Communications button and try to talk to the other ship. If things look
bad and you find yourself in a fighting situation, then sound the Red Alert
and prepare to defend yourself.

You can use the Control Pad to move the Enterprise into position for a clear
shot at the enemy. Keep an eye on the helm. Sulu has a red indicator arrow
near him which will point in the direction of the closest enemy ship. Press
the Control Pad in that direction to move your target sights. Press the A
button to fire your phasers, or the B button to fire your photon torpedoes.
You must lock on the photon torpedoes by keeping the attacking ship in the
crosshairs. Also, keep an eye on your shield status on the center display.
You can see how fast you and your opponent are wearing down.

[Page 15]

[Exploring New Planets]_______________________________________

Selecting a landing party

When you select the transporter icon from the Ship Options window, you will be
able to select your own landing party. Spock and McCoy are the automatic
selections, but you may change them and include a specialist in biology,
history, geology or security. Keep your objective in mind. If you are
looking for dilithium crystals, for example, it might be a good idea to
include a specialist in geology in your landing party. You may choose a
biologist to analyze the plant life, or a history specialist to evalute
ancient artifacts.
On the planet, party members follow your lead. You may press the A button at
any time to take a tricorder reading. If the crew is standing next to an item
of significance, one of the crew will give you a report. For other options,
press the Start button and Planet Options window will appear.

[Page 16]

You may perform the following actions from the Planet Options window. Press
the A button to make your selection and the B button to cancel your selection.

* Crew Members Ask for a report from either crew member. If they have
anything important to say, you will get a message.
* Transporter You will contact the Enterprise and be beamed back aboard.
* Use This will bring up a list of items in your inventory. Use
the Control Pad to highlight an item, then press the A
button to USE it.
* Phaser Controls Select to choose between STUN and FULL, power settings.
Keep in mind that only Kirk and Security officers may fire

Helpful Hint: On the planet surface, your party can walk around an dlook for
new places and races of beings. Try talking to anyone you encounter, and take
frequent tricorder readings to learn more about your surroundings. Pick up
anything you can, even if you can't see any immediate need for an item.

[Page 17]

[How To Boldly Go Where No Game Has Gone Before]___________________

A guide for the beginning adventure game player

Adventure games are different from arcade games. The object isn't just to
shoot everything in sight and rach up a gazillion points. Some adventure
games don't even use points. They require you to solve puzzles or problems
and try to achieve a final goal. For example, the goal might be to save the
galaxy from the Klingon Empire. To do this, you may have to solve a lot of
smaller problems along the way. There are common questions that new adventure
gamers have, so we'll try to answer them for you.

Q: What good does it do to ANALYZE something?
A: Examinging items tells you if an item has a special feature. For example,
if you analyze a bookshelf, you might receive a message that says "It appears
to hold a statue of a golden Antarian Yak, Captain."
In STAR TREK, analyzing is done by taking tricorder readings. If an item has
importance, a crew member will report on it. This is a clue that something
can be done to ot with that item.

[Page 18]

Q: What should I do with items that I find?
A: If you can pick them up, do. You never know when you'll need an item that
you saw once and left behind. For example, after battling all of the Gigantic
Osmium Gyrfalcons, then freeing the daughter of the Federations' Treasurer and
saving the Harmonic Response Oscillator, you may earn a voyage across the
Silver River of Altair IV to the Tribunal's Starcruiser. Upon entering the
Starcruiser and ascending the Stairs of Amazing Girth, you might encounter the
earnest Cyborg-9, who tells you that you the Tribunal will only see you if you
present a gift of gold. Now don't you wish you picked up that Antarian Yak on
the bookshelf?

Q: Is it useful to converse with other lifeforms, or just a distraction?
A: Well, if you had talked to the people of the planet Iotia, we can't
guarantee that you would learn that there are no Gigantic Osmium Gyrfalcons in
this game, let alone an earnest Cyborg-9. However, they might have
information about dilithium crystal mines...

[Page 19]

Q: What do I do when I get stuck?
A: We recommend throwing your arms up in despair and going outside to play in
the fresh air, but if you really want to stick with it, then just try lots of
new combinations. For example, if you come to a wall of flame that prevents
further progress, try ANALYZING the items around you. Maybe something like a
giant candle is in the room. You might think "Hey, candles produce flames,
and there is a giant wall of flame in my way." Next you could try to USE
something on the candle, or try to move the candle. Maybe the candle is
really a lever that turns the wall of flame off and on.

Q:I've tried everything I can think of, but I'm still unable to go any further
in the game. Is there anything I can do?
A: One idea is to enlist the help of a friend or family member. Sometimes
when we try to solve a problem it helps to get another person's insight.
Everyone thinks a little differently, so a sticky situation for you might be
more obvious to someone else, and vice versa. Adventure games are as much fun
for groups as they are for one player.

[Page 20]
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