SSFIIX Translated - Solo Disc

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Alright, I'm almost finished with this. It turns out that my burner has some issues with burning multi-session discs with CDRecord (or something... I don't know, but it will not work), so I've been finding all instances of English text in the translated version that's part of the 5-in-1 disc and moving it over to the Echelon release with a hex editor. Nothing was ripped with the Echelon release, so, it'll have the full quality audio unlike the highly compressed 5-in-1.

Probably nobody cares since most people don't seem to case their discs (and most people are probably okay with the game located on the 5-in-1), but, for those who do care... what would you want for the artwork? There's not a scan available of the original case, but I have high res scans of the arcade flyer art for Super Turbo and Super X (same game, different name), and it's pretty damn cool.

Would people want the game referred to on the case as X or Turbo? The menu will still say X, either way.

Also, what about a mini-manual that has a quick reference guide?
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