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  • Carnivorous Canyons
In Carnivorous Canyons, Mr. Krabs gives you a launch machine. Use this to defeat the Pufferfishes. Do this by turning on the launch machine, press R to suck in release. Keep holding R. Then, when ready, release R to stop the release. This will destroy the Pufferfish.
  • Fish Hooks Park: Avoid hole
In the beginning of Fish Hooks Park, there is a rock formation followed by a big hole. To avoid this hole, jump onto the hooks above. They stay there for approximately five seconds. You have to jump off before then.

  • Jelly Fields: Get past Giant Jellyfish
In the introduction to Jelly Fields, Squidward mentions catching Jellyfish with a net. The Jellyfish look like bowties. This is the way to get past the Giant Jellyfish in Downtown Bikini Bottom.
  • Level Passwords
Level 2 - clmb
Level 3 - kvnf
Level 4 - wkga
Level 5 - dfvj
Level 6 - ngps
Level 7 - wmcv
Level 8 - xnad
Level 9 - hpjq
Level 10 - qhdg
Level 11 - wfxm
Level 12 - mntl
Level 13 - qgav
Level 14 - lxhk
Level 15 - hgcd
Level 16 - cnxk
Level 17 - lkkv
Level 18 - pvhs
Level 19 - jast
Final Level - wmbt
  • Sandy's Tree Dome: Eliminate time limit
In Sandy's Tree Dome, there is a twenty second time limit. To prevent this, jump down from the branch below the last springboard. This gives you a water helmet. It takes away that time limit.
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