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Stage Passwords
From the Main Menu, choose Continue and enter one of the following.

Stage 01 - Spongebob's BlockPN6P6LLLL3
Stage 02 - DowntownHGH0HK2K2K
Stage 03 - Outer TownGHGZGYFYYY
Stage 04 - Sandy's ParkLMLL3YFYYY
Stage 05 - The Goo LagoonPN6P6P6PP6
Stage 06 - Undersea DesertNP5N5FYFFF
Stage 07 - The Carnival65P6PH0H0H
Stage 08 - Jeffyfish FieldsLMLL3-T-TT
Stage 09 - Kelpazoic JungleRQR88DDDDD
Stage 10 - Rock Bottom6HGZGSSS99
Stage 11 - Dutch UnderFDYFFFYFFF
Level select option
Enter D3BVG-M0D3 at the continue screen. After you press pause in the game, you will see a Level Select option.
Special passwords

All items1T3MS4FR33
Stage select-THQ-0NLY-
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