SpongeBob Squarepants: Bikini Bottom Cheat Codes (for Gameboy Advance)

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final kaoss

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  • Double Jump
When you see a robot you can jump on, just float (a+a) on top of it and you'll jump as high as mystery!
  • Level Select Codes
Enter "G050" as a password.

Level Password
1-2 HYK3
1-3 Q6T3
1-4 B1D3
1-5 L2F3
1-6 CXP5
Steel Squirrel M5D3
2-1 C934
2-2 L2S6
2-3 BYK4
2-4 LXT6
2-5 C?P6
2-6 R?P6
Star Power BYF4
3-1 Q5P4
3-2 H9SX
3-3 M9JX
3-4 BYTX
3-5 R5JX
3-6 B2FV
Squid Vicious M1FV
4-1 B5FV
4-2 LXFV
4-3 H?SY
4-4 M2JW
4-5 CYJW
4-6 M5SY
Spongebot Steelpants C2FW

  • Mystery Dies
To get Mystery to die, jump over a ridge. Before you fall, press R and let mystery fall. She will fall and disappear. To get her again you have to go where you first found her.
  • Secret Levels of the Deep
On one level at a time, collect all 20 krabby patties. After you collect all of them and you beat the level, Mr. Krabs will tell you to collect 20 more krabby patties while riding on a bike or Mermaid Man & Barnicle Boy will tell you to collect 20 more krabby patties while riding on the invisible boat mobile. Those are the only secret levels I discovered.
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