Space Invaders Infinity Gene


Hacked by dron_3

Max Score
OGP 4081000860A600007C632014F8C700107C23280040810008
COP 6000000060A600007C632014F8C700107C23280060000000

00002000 00130788 60000000
00002000 0013079C 60000000

Max Chain
OGP 60A400007C041800
COP 600000007C041800

CU 00002000 0013080C 60000000

Max Nagoya Attacks
OGP 60A3E0FF7C0418004181000860830000
COP 60A3E0FF7C0418004181000860000000

CU 00002000 00130958 60000000

Infinite Lives
OGP 480000703C8000013063FFFF
COP 480000703C80000160000000

CU 00002000 000ECBBC 60000000

OGP 93D6002C2C040003
COP 600000002C040003

CU 00002000 000EAFCC 60000000

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