Soul Reaver still a great game

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So I decided to pop it in again after trying Nightmare Creatures 2 last night, just to check how it looked in VGA. I just wanted to see how this oldie held up. I just played it for 2 hours straight & am totally drawn in again. I played this when it came out & remember liking it a lot, can't remember if I ever finished it though; been such a long time & all...
It all looks in VGA, specially for being a first gen DC game (& a psx port), I expected far worse, but its great, also I had forgotten how awesome the soundtrack is. The scenery & atmosphere are just spot on. I'm totally gonna stick to impaling vampires again for the next few days or so :lol: I had totally forgotten that you kill stuff that way in the game :mrgreen:

Anyone else like this game, or has played it (again) lately?
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