Soon you’ll be able to watch PBS on YouTube

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Enlarge / PBS, the United States' public TV service, focuses on educational content, dramas, and children's programming, among other things. (credit: PBS)

PBS and YouTube have announced that PBS and PBS Kids will join YouTube TV’s channel roster. The two partners made the announcement this week at the summer Television Critics Association’s (TCA) press tour. Based on their markets, 333 member stations will be available to users.
PBS already offers a robust on-demand streaming service of its own at, with content tailored to individual markets. And PBS launched a channel on Amazon Prime Video with special on-demand content earlier this year. But this will be the first time viewers will be able to stream live programming from PBS through a digital service, excepting some anomalies over the years like the now-defunct Aero service and the like.
In a statement, PBS Chief Digital and Marketing Officer Ira Rubenstein said:

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