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Time Attack mode options:
Complete the game, then restart the game in "Time Attack" mode. The following options will be available if the "Time Attack" game can be completed within the corresponding time limit.
Music test
Complete "Time Attack" mode within 37:27:57. A "D.A. Garden" option will appear to the left of the "RAM Data" option on the main menu. The Planet of Mobius will be displayed. Hold B and use the D-pad to rotate the planet. Hold C and use the D-pad to zoom in and out. Press A to play the game music.​
Play bonus levels
Complete "Time Attack" mode within 30:21:05, then press Left at the "Time Attack" screen.​
View video sequences
Complete "Time Attack" mode within 25:46:12. A "Visual Mode" option will appear to the left of "D.A. Garden" option on the main menu. Use this option to view the video sequences in the game.
Programmer high scores:
Press Right(2), Up(2), Down, C at the title screen.
Level select:
Press Up, Down(2), Left, Right, B at the title screen while "Press Start" is blinking. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Note: Only one level may be played if this code is enabled.
Cloud change:
Hold A and press Up, Down(4), Up at the title screen while "Press Start" is blinking. Use the D-pad on controller two to change the appearance of the clouds and other effects.
Pause game play and press A, B, or C.
Invisible Sonic:
Move behind an object and press B.
Sound test mode options:
Press Down(3), Left, Right, A at the title screen while "Press Start" is blinking to display the sound test menu. Set one of the following sound combinations and press Start to enable the corresponding cheat function.
Debug mode:
Enable the "Sound test mode" code. Set the options to PM12 and DA11. If done correctly you should see a picture of Tails, and a sign that says "See you next game". Hold B and choose "Play Game". To change into a object, press A. To turn into your normal self, press A again. Note: If you try to do this in time attack mode, you will go through objects, meaning you cannot jump on anything (springs, robots, spikes). Also, in a original game you cannot put down a object that you turn into.
Bored ending:
Allow Sonic to sit for three minutes without doing anything. He will grow bored, say "I'm outta here!" and race off the screen, thus ending the game.
Play your own music:
You can play your own audio CDs while you play the game. To do this, pause game play and eject the game disc from the Sega CD tray. Replace the game disc with an audio CD. When you close the cover, wait about four seconds for the console to start the CD spinning. When you resume the game, you will hear the music from the audio CD. If you complete a zone or lose all of your lives, re-insert the game disc and it will pick up where it left off. You can also use this trick with CD-Rs.
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