Sonic Adventure - Unused Music Tracks?

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Let me explain. So, one day, I was playing Sonic Adventure on my little white box of joy. I got bored, and went into the Sound Test inside the Options menu. I went into "Jingle", where it displayed a bunch of music tracks from the game. But what really caught my eye was four possibly unused tracks for the Adventure Fields:

Title: Station Square
Title: Mystic Ruin
Title: M.Ruin ~The Past~
Title: Egg Carrier

The Egg Carrier track sounded familiar when I replayed Sonic's story. It sounded similar to the noises the Egg Carrier made when it was transforming back and forth. But I think their original intention was to put the tracks in the loading screens of the Adventure Fields, because each track was approximately the same length that it took to load a stage or Adventure Field.

I was just really curious about this, and I bet you're getting curious, too. Maybe there's something they've hidden here...hmmm..... :|

Thanks for reading,
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