Sonic 10th Anniversay Dreamcast signed by Yuji Naka on ebay

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More of my Sega memorabilia is up for sale on ebay. This time it's the very rare Yuji naka signed blue Dreamcast console which was created to celebrate Sonic the Hedgehog's 10th anniversary.

The history: Sega Europe marketing arranged to have 50 consoles specially prepared but only 40 of these bore Yuji Naka's signature, I know this because I was the person that assembled them! The standard European Pal consoles were stripped down and the casings sent off to be sprayed in the bright blue to match the European Dreamcast logo. The GD drive lids were then sent off to Sega Japan for Yuji Naka to sign and then returned for varnishing to seal his signature for ever. You can see a slight difference in colour between the GD lid and top casing, this was a complaint with the sprayers at the time but I like to think of it as maybe Yuji's brilliance had lightened the paint colour :) I then had the task to reassemble and test the consoles. These special consoles were then used by SoE marketing to promote Sonics 10th Anniversary and were allocated as follows:
Serial number
Sega Europe UK config - MK-55000-05
1 DE974268130
2 DE010219362
3 DE974401957

Dreamarena UK config - MK-55000-05
1 DE010737262

UK UK config - MK-55000-05
1 DE010735268
2 DE010252536
3 DE010739051 <------- One for sale!
4 DE011002529
5 DE973729700
6 DE970690171
7 DE970702423
8 DE974417576
9 DE010739075
10 DE071542751
11 DE010737248
12 DE010737231
13 DE010735213
14 DE071542782
15 DE010741054
16 DE973729731
17 DE970690133
18 DE973688236
19 DE970690157
20 DE973234105
21 DE973301128
22 DE973301234
23 DE973730010
24 DE970690140
25 DE970516990
26 DE970702935

France FR config - MK-55002-09
1 DE973301241
2 DE973226674
3 DE973234112
4 DE973301210
5 DE973226711
6 DE970516716
7 DE973234129
8 DE970517133
9 DE973729670
10 DE973226704

Un-accounted consoles - standard top lid
1 DE973336366
2 DE973226698
3 DE011004448
4 DE011008026
5 DE011006022
6 DE973688366
7 DE973730058
8 DE970515696
9 DE973688281
10 DE973234136

I can't remember dates, but the excel file this was pasted from was created on 15th June 2001 and last modified on 30th July 2001.

The box for this particular DC has some silver marks on it which if my memory serves me correct is Police finger print dust as there was a break in at the SoE offices in Power Road, Chiswick, and this console was one of the items checked for prints! Thankfully the thieves didn't realise how valuable this particular Dreamcast was!

After the Sonic anniversary project had run its course SoE marketing had one spare console that was never used and gave it to me as a thank you for all my hard work :)

If you are interested in owning this for yourself please follow the link:
Sonic 10th Anniversay Sega Dreamcast signed by Yuji Naka - VERY RARE | eBay
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