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Level 1 Bonus Warp:

On planet Preludon, at the upper left corner of the area, in the side of the cliff, you'll find a blue portal slowly moveing upward. You'll need to fly fast and accuratly to enter it before it dissappears. Its a whole lot easyer to fly into this portal when you're a spaceman, instead of flying a pod. Because when flying a pod you'll probably crash into the cliff before reaching the portal in time. If you successfully enter the portal, you'll find yourself in a green bonus stage. You will enter warp speed and collect orange crystals while dodging asteroids that slow you down if you collide with them. If you successfully gain all 10 of the crystals, you will recive double bonus credits.
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Level 2 Secret Teleportation to the middle

On planet mexomorf, the barren planet with tall cliffs, there is a huge area in the middle of the map that has no entry ways to get in. There is however, a secret teleportation portal that leads to this area, but you have to be very quick to reach it. The teleporation portal is located on the cliff to the very right of where your landed mothership is. But immediatly after you start the level, the portal will dissapear within about 15 or 20 seconds after your pod flys out of the mother ship. Heres how you get there: Immediatly after landing, quickly fly to the right, where the first tall cliff is. Make sure you are heading for the tip top of that cliff. If you get there just in time, you'll spot the small brown circular portal on the top of the cliff. Fly into the portal before it dissapears. If it dissapears, or if you do not see a portal on this cliff, you have failed to reach it in time, and will need to restart the level. It will not reappear even if you go back to your mother ship and try it again, you'll need to restart the game and get back to planet Mexomorf to try again. If you do however, manage to reach it in time, you will be teleported to the very center of this level, where there are a lot of items you can get, and bring to the 1 item transporter in the middle place. To get out of this area, use the spaceman after your ship blows up, and fly into the item transporter, and you'll be teleported back to your mothership. However, you wont be able to go back to the middle area after you return.
RE: Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warship

Level 3 Secret Warp:

On planet Omebru (level 3) the orange crystal planet, you will find a ring of blue robots, circleing one another in a small area, guarding your path. If you fly to the very center of these robots, you will hit an invisible warp, and be transported to a blue secret alien base. This alien base is gaurded by an alien warship, which will fire homing missiles at you. When you destroy him, you will find 3 warp portals ahead of you. The first one leads to the planet Bokky (level 5) the green crystal planet. The second portal leads to planet Lemonte (level 6) the dark green planet with lava caverns. The farthest portal leads to planet Chorlton (level 7) the giant planet with massive mountain cliffs and water at the bottom.
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Level 5 Bonus Warp:

Planet Bokky, the strange planet with almost an eternity of green crystals covering it. The very right side of the map, near the middle has a dead end cave, with a portal. If you fly into the portal before it dissapears, you'll be taken to the red bonus stage, and enter warp speed. This place is a bit more tricky and dangerous then the bonus mission on level 1. Near the end there are purple mines. If you hit one of the mines, your ship will blow up, and be gone until the bonus stage is over. Your goal is to get 9 Crystals in here. The reason this time your not trying to get 10 is because unfourtunently, this bonus stage has a glitch in it. One of the crystals is stuck on the very right hand side of the map, a bit off the screen, and cannot be reached.
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Level 6 Secret warp:

On planet Lemonte, you will find many different lava caverns. When you fly down the long hole into the first lava cavern, the biggest one, take the farest road to the left, and up. You will fly through a series of other lava caverns until you reach the very bottom middle of the map, where there is a long lava cavern guarded by many laser walker robots (the robots that jump while firing huge laser cannons) in the middle of the lava lake, you'll find a white gap between 2 of the laser walker robots. Fly to or step on the very center of it, and you'll be teleported to a green secret alien base. Like the blue one, it is guarded by one alien gunship. The top portal leads to planet Zlaz Tordus (level 9) the dark blue planet, inhabited by many aliens. The lower portal leads to the wonderous world of Shammy Gen, the Pink and Teal colored crystal planet, with an eternity of beautiful pink crystals. This planet has many bonus crystals on it, but it also has tons of alien ships.
RE: Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warship

Level 8 Super Warp

Planet Shishkebab the cold icey planet with reversed gravity. This means intead of falling down and being pulled by the planet, you will fall up, and be pushed away by the planets anti-gravity. This is because the planet is very small, and very icy, the ice makes it very light weighted.

This can work in your advantage getting to the super-warp portal. Its located in the upper right corner of the map, and very easy to find and reach. Blow up your pod and fly as the spaceman, and keep flying on the very top of the map so your head is touching the top of the screen, and head right. When you reach the upper right corner, you'll find the blue warp portal, that leads to planet Uround, (level 13) level 13 is an very hard level, with tons of bad guys. But its a very big shortcut, if you want to beat the game. After you beat planet Uround and escape from it, you'll proceed to level 12, Planet Miplezur. Planet Miplezur is the homeworld of the aliens, and it is the biggest, most dark and deadliest of all the planets you've faced. Its levels of gravity are extremely dangerous.
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Level 9 Bonus Warp

On planet Zlaz Tordus, the dark shadowy blue planet, fly to the very top of the night sky. (This is reccomended to be done as a space man, not a pod) Fly to the top, starting nearest the left corner where your mothership is landed. Once you've reached the top, continue to fly right, with your head touching the roof of the level. Fly until you reach a blue portal, floating upward. You must touch the portal before it goes over the roof of the map, and dissapears. If it dissapears, it will be gone for good until you reset the game and play the level again. If you do enter it, you will be taken to a purple bonus stage! You will fly at intense speeds, and try to collect the 10 red gems. Be warned, the entire level has dozens of purple mines. If you touch one of these mines, your pod will blow up, and you will not be able to come back for the rest of the bonus level.
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Level 10 Secret Teleportation to the bottom right

On planet shammy gen, the pink crystal planet, there is a small tunnel that leads to a large cavern guarded by tons of robots and alien ships, all guarding a fuel pack. But inside this room, somewhere in the top or bottom (I forget where exactly) theres a hidden portal you can hit on accident while battleing the ships. It teleports you to the caverns in the bottom right, near where the main portal to the place where you find the ship piece is. A decent shortcut, it's just that you have to find it while being shot at from every direction...
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Golden Warpship Final Mission (Tips)

Once you've obtained the final piece of the golden warpship, on level 12, you'll instantly fly your new golden warpship into an asteroid field, where the alien boss awaits your challenge. Before you can get to him, you'll be navigating through a dense, vastly dangerous asteroid field. When you get there, strange blue asteroids will be flying around, and you will need to fire the golden warpships guns to destroy them. Each asteroid breaks into smaller pieces when destroyed. NOTICE that if you are hit 4 times by asteroids, you will be destroyed and get a game over. DO NOT CRASH INTO A WALL! If you crash your golden warpship into ANY wall, YOU WILL DIE INSTANTLY AND GET A GAME OVER! There are no lives or continues in the golden warpship mission! That
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How to reach Level 13 (Planet Uround)

Either use the warp portal on planet 8 (show above in the list of warps) or on planet 12, get all fuel, enter the underground alien base with the main portal, enter the portal and get to the area where you find the ship piece, but instead of getting the ship piece, leave the place using the portal, and get back to your mothership and blast off. You'll go to level 13, but after beating level 13 you'll return to level 12, and have to beat level 12 over again.
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How to defeat the Final Boss

The boss of the game is a large asteroid alien with 6 blue eyes. It may sound funky but he is extremely dangerous. He will start to open his eyes and launch small asteroids at you, and you CANNOT shoot and destroy the small asteroids. When he opens an eye, you can shoot it and cause damage to the him. When the eyes are closed, his eyelids are solid and cannot be shot. Whenever you
RE: Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warship


Try all D's, H's, Q's, or K's as the password.

Warning: By starting off on a level beyond 2, you will NOT have any boosters. Once you start hitting the large planets like Lemonte, it becomes VASTLY HARD to get anywhere, or get anything. So unless your wanting to end up dead, you'll need to buy maximum super boosts from the item shops, and conserve them wisely. Otherwise, you won't be able to get anywhere or pick up heavy items.

QQQ QQQ QQQ QQQ Start at Planet 10 or 11 with 10 lives
NNN NNN NNN NNN Planet 1 Cyberzone Bonus GREAT way to start off! Nippon
Sports Pod, Boosters, Shields, and 777777 credits.
KBL PBN BBM KGB Planet 2 Mexomorf
KBB DPL HBR XHB Planet 3 Omebru
KQB DGG DBX VHB Planet 4 Corso Quero
KHD ZLG DBG BHB Planet 5 Bokky
KLD GBB DBM KHB Planet 6 Lemonte
KQD BQQ LBR VHB Planet 7 Chorlton
KGD THN BBX WHB Planet 8 Shishkebab
HBG TMP LBG KHB Planet 9 Zlaz Tordus
KDG NNN KBM QHB Planet 10 Shammy Gen
KQG XPM KBM DHB Planet 11 Shankoo
HHG LDG BBX WHB Planet 12 Mipluzer
KGH WGG BBG DHB Planet 13 Uround
MMM MMM QQQ QQQ Golden Warpship Final Mission [NOTE: VERY GLITCHY!]
The screen will not automaticly move. Your ship and all
the asteroids are jumbled up and odd looking. The music is
that of level 2, planet Mexomorf. If you lose your
warpship, the walls turn purple and you become an Italian
Racing Jetpod. Defeat the boss and nothing happens. Go to
the top of the level at the boss, head straight to the
left without moving down, and you can get through a
glitched hole in the rocky wall. From here, you can fly
INSIDE the rocks of the asteroid level.
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