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Today, I played Sonic Adventure on my Dreamcast for the first time in a while. After I played a few stages, I then started playing Sonic Colors on my Wii.

Let me tell you, I really hate to say this, but I thought Sonic Colors was the better game of the two.

Sonic Colors, In my opinion, was Faster, had better controls, and was above all more fun than Adventure. And the Lack of Unnecessary Playable characters and hub worlds made for a better game imo.

Sure It has the "boost" style gameplay from Unleashed (and now generations), But they balanced the constant boosting with precision platforming (unlike Unleashed). Even some of the 3D parts have great platforming moments.

People say that Sonic games were going downhill since the Sega went 3rd party (I partially agree with them in '06's case), but I think they're actually getting so much better. With Colors being as good as it is, and Generations on the horizon, I think that this could be a new Golden Era For Sonic~
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