So What ever happened to that PSP Signing Tool that was to be released?


I know something called a prxencrypter was released a while back, but it had trouble signing more 'complex' homebrews like emulators, and Bookr couldn't be signed either... but it was able to sign other simpler apps. Has any headway been made in this yet? I'd really like to update to the latest ofw, whichever it is at the moment...

If there is, can this thing sign 'anything'? Like, would I be able to sign snes9x, gp2x and daedalusx64 myself? and Bookr? PSPComic? What about the plugins... I don't use too many plugins... My most used ones are GameCategories, Popsloader and CWCheat, which I really only use to remap buttons on certain games...
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