Snes9x Euphoria R5 saving states not working at all, help!


Hey guys I have a psp 2001 with hen 6.35 pro-B3 and I'm using Snes9x Euhporia R5 to play snes games. Now my problem is saving states. If I save a state and load it I notice whatever music the game is supposed to be playing it doesn't play it, and also if exit the screen by any-means say going into a house or going upstairs or try to talk to anyone it freezes! Well the game itself freezes I can still hit the home button an reload the game but wtf!??!?!?! This happens with EVERY SINGLE GAME I TRY. Anybody know a fix? I was reading through forums and thought the fix was changing the Autoupdate SRM option to yes but that did absolutely nothing.
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