[Skyrim Cheat] Free Merchant Items

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I don't do this because it makes the game too easy, but.

1. Find a shopkeeper, underneath him/her are chests with all their inventory. Toggle first-person view.

2. Press the ~ key to bring up the console. Then type in TCL followed by the ENTER key to toggle collision.

3. Move downward under the ground until you find the inventory chests, then use ~ to bring up console again. Left-click on the chests while in console and type in setownership then press ENTER key so that their contents don't register as stolen.

4. Return to the surface and use the TCL command again after taking the free loot.

Some chests are underwater, Argonian is particularly adept at this cheat with natural waterbreathing. With all the free enchanted items any race can eventually waterbreathe by equipping them however, so if not an Argonian keep at least one waterbreathing item. One such underwater chest area is under Alvor's forge in Riverwood.
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