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Bonus goal

Go to the movie theater at 2:00 or 4:00 for a bonus goal.
RE: Simpsons: Bart VS. The Space Mutant's

Collect 5 coins

In Krustyland (Level 3), when you get to the big Krusty head, jump on the red platform in between it's eyes and then jump down to grab the one-up. Keep jumping straight up and you will enter a room that you can collect 5 coins.
RE: Simpsons: Bart VS. The Space Mutant's

Make a head appear

On level 2, when you get to where there's wet cement on the magic board. Between the 4th or 5th wand jump as high as you can from 4th wand to the 5th and a head will appear on the 4th wand.
RE: Simpsons: Bart VS. The Space Mutant's

Get 3 coins and a head

On level 3 there's a big ladder that you climb there is a kid at the top though kill him with your sling shot and get all the way to the top of the ladder and jump off land right on the board that you hit to tell it your a wimp or so on. You will receive 3 coins and a head from the statue that is in the prize section just left of the ladder.
RE: Simpsons: Bart VS. The Space Mutant's

Level 1 tips and tricks

In level 1, make your way to the building with the purple canopy. Position Bart so he is on top of it. Now, to your left, you should see an area where there is grass. If you jump to the left, there is an invisible platform where the grass meets the sky. It may take a few tries to find it (it's a short jump, not a long one). When you get on top of this, press down. A few scrambled images should fall down. Get them, they are 1-ups. This may also cause a few of the alien graphics to get scrambled, but only temporarily.

On level one, buy a cherry bomb and at the pet shop, get above the window and shoot it at the bird. Then when you get to the Statue of Jebediah Springfeid get on the 2nd line back from the statue and shoot the bird with a rocket. This will provide you with the head from the statue that will make you invincible for a short time. But the head's are found in secret places. On level 2, when you get to the shoe level when the first ballet shoes appear keep jumping on that ashtray you will get coins, hats, and it you keep jumping you will receive the head of the statue.

Another tip for level 1, if you buy a whistle you can call grandpa at the retirement center. His room is the last top window. Just use the whistle and you will receive coins.

Also another tip for level 1, buy a magnet. Then on level 3 go to the games and when you get to the game that you place your money on a number and they spin the wheel. Right before you play this game use the magnet and you will always win.

In Level 1, stand to the right of the "E" in the "Quick-E-Mart" sign. Shoot a rocket at the "E" to make a Krusty Clown Face appear that gives you three 1-Up's and a Sound Test. For the Sound Test, select it and press Start. Select sounds by pressing Up/Down, then press Start.
RE: Simpsons: Bart VS. The Space Mutant's

Piece of candy trick

In Stage 2 Easily, at the patch of wet cement near the beginning of Springfield Mall, jump up and down three times on the second piece of candy and it will carry you across the entire length of the cement.
RE: Simpsons: Bart VS. The Space Mutant's

Secret room full of hats

The first ashtray past the escalator in the mall is the entrance to a secret room full of hats.
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