silly computer having a hard time taking vga input

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I've been slowly trying to get around to recording videos to share, and while i have all the hardware (i think), it appears that my current computer (a tiny gateway netbook), doesn't interpret vga input.

My last computer (a much heftier gateway solo pro laptop, that lasted me 9 years and was given a viking burning-out-in-the-water funeral upon its final demise), i was able to plug my dreamcast's vga box into it and hit fn + f5 or f6 to toggle between vga input & output.

This computer still has those assigned keys, and i can toggle vga output (send my desktop to my projector), but it doesn't seem to recognize my dreamcast's vga box.

Is it just that since this is a simple netbook that it isn't made to have vga signals sent to its screen?
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