Got Pro Action Replay or Game Genie codes for some Game Gear games? Post them here!!

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Pro Action Replay Codes:
Ultimate Jump - 00CF15:04 -Hacc
Invincible - 00C0F2:0D -Hacc
Transparent Ninja - 00CF01:FF -Hacc
Infinite Lives - 00C040:09 -Rune
Infinite Hits - 00C024:04 -Rune
Unlimited Ninja Points - 00C041:09 -Datel
Activate All New Ninjas - 00C028:FF -Datel
All Crystals Collected - 00C027:FF -Datel
Go Straight To Round 5 (Enemy Base) - 00C020:05 -Datel
Infinite Magic - 00C041:02 -Datel
Mega Jump - 00CF15:14 -Hacc
Super Jump - 00CF15:24 -Hacc

Invincible With Moon Jump -Hacc
Normally when hit with the "Moon Jump" code active, you wouldn't be able to move after. So I added the "Invincible" code to cure this problem. Disable the "Moon Jump" code (00CF-210A) to enter/exit elevators, when you fall in the water, and to end the stage after beating a boss.

Game Genie Codes:
Start with 4 energy bars - 052-50F-F7A -Galoob
Start with 6 energy bars - 072-50F-F7A -Galoob
Start with 9 energy bars - 0A2-50F-F7A -Galoob
Infinite energy - 21A-41C-2A2 -Galoob
Infinite ninjitsu magic - 008-30D-3BE -Galoob
Start with 4 lives - 032-58F-F7A -Galoob
Start with 7 lives - 062-58F-F7A -Galoob
Start with 10 lives - 092-58F-F7A -Galoob
Infinite lives - 00B-A0C-3BE -Galoob
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