Shining Force: The Sword of Hajya

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Cheat - Excellent Mode​

Press Down repeatedly at SEGA logo to activate excellent mode.

Debug Menu​

At the Sega logo, press: Up, Up, Down, Up, 2, 1, Right, Left. If done right, you'll hear a "Whoosh". Now, pick a new or saved game, and before starting, you'll be presented with the debug menu.


In battle 18 (vs Solo), search the third tile in the nearest wall (from where you start)

Music Test​

First you need to have a saved game with the game completed, or you can use the Debug Mode code and turn on the "Game Completed" option. Then, to access the Music Test, either start a new game, or pick a saved game, and before the game starts, press Up + Start.


In battle 21 (vs Barbara), search the statue near where you start.

Turbo Mode​

At the Sega logo, press: Left, Right, 1, 2, Up, Down, Up, Up (if done right, you'll hear a "Whoosh"). Now everything in the game will flow faster (text, battles, movement).
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