SD-Card stickers, for those with the reader trinket..

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With my project nearing completion, I decided to go up all out with every facet of its enormity, including a custom set of decals to go with its SD-Card.

A trader at sega-16 makes custom cart & case stickers/labels.

Per my request, he has made a set of SD-card stickers for the everdrive, which has an awesome sonic one, and more importantly, a few other sega stars, with everyone's favorite zombie Johnny.

(yes the zombies have names...)

I was thinking of requesting a decal of Ryo, but... i like zombies better. I might put in a request of an alien triclopse 4-legger from alien front, if i can find a good pic to send him.

I'm not sure what I'll be doing with the NiGHTs one yet, as there is no saturn sd-card reader, but hey, this guys work is top-notch!

Highly recommended!~
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