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final kaoss

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Edgar and Julie, the parents, as avatars​

AvatarHow to unlock
EdgarGet all 106 Starites.
JulieGet all 106 Starites.

Various Steam Achievements​

AchievementHow to unlock
Brotherly LoveHelp all 40 of Maxwell’s brothers.
Bubbles’ Magical Aquatic AdventureBring 40 Starites to Lily.
Buzzing to the StarsBring 50 Starites to Lily.
Cars, Trains, and PlanesGet all object Shards in the Vehicle category.
Chillin’ with ChillyBring 24 Starites to Lily.
Fashion StatementGet all object Shards in the Clothes category.
Food FightGet all object Shards in the Food category.
Fun with WeaponsGet all object Shards in the Weapon category.
Helping HandGet all the Starites in any level.
Jamming OutGet all object Shards in the Music category.
Living LargeGet all object Shards in the Living category.
Magical Globe for RentBring 3 Starites to Lily and unlock the world map.
Make it YoursMake a new object using the Object Editor.
Maxwell in DisguiseChange your Avatar.
Notepad ExplorerGet all 217 object Shards.
Patches and his KiteBring 8 Starites to Lily.
Playing with GadgetsGet all object Shards in the Tech category.
Rex the Dinosaur HunterBring 12 Starites to Lily.
Sister SaviorBring 60 Starites to Lily.
Starite Get!Get all 106 Starites.
The Kitchen SinkGet all object Shards in the Misc category.
Tony and the OutlawBring 30 Starites to Lily.
Try This InsteadCreate an object using the Object Suggestor.
Window ShoppingDownload a custom object from another player.
Yarrr, matey!Bring 16 Starites to Lily.
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