Scott Pilgrim Vs The World [NPUB30162]


HP Doesn't Decrease
003EDBBC 48FDD742
00FCD740 884301D7
00FCD744 2F820002
00FCD748 419E0008
00FCD74C D0030110
00FCD750 483FDBC2
SET OGP=FC206890D0030110
SET COP=FC206890[COLOR=red]48FDD742[/COLOR]
SET OGP=6BE900000000000000000000FFFF000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
SET COP=6BE900000000000000000000FFFF00000000000000000000[COLOR=red]884301D72F820002419E0008D0030110483FDBC2[/COLOR]

GP Doesn't Decrease
00660694 60000000
SET OGP=D0030290409D000C
SET COP=D003029060000000

Max Money On Gain
0044C688 480000E8
SET OGP=FF805800409D00E8
SET COP=FF805800480000E8

Money Doesn't Decrease
0048B60C 60000000
0048B668 60000000
SET OGP=FF806000D01D10F8
SET COP=FF80600060000000
SET OGP=EC0002B2D01D10F8
SET COP=EC0002B260000000

Max Lives On Buy
003FBE44 480002E4
SET OGP=901C0694419D02E4
SET COP=901C0694480002E4

Lose A Life For 9 Lives
00408B0C 38000009
SET OGP=817D00003809FFFF
SET COP=817D000038000009

Gain XP To Fully Level Up
003FB924 C01E10FC
003FB928 3FA07F7F
003FB92C 93BF10FC
003FB930 C3FF10FC
003FB934 EC3F002A
003FB938 D03E10FC
003FB93C 7C7D1B78
003FB940 7FE3FB78
003FB944 57BD063E
003FB948 48119061
SET OGP=60000000C01E10FCEC1F002A7C7D1B787FE3FB7857BD063EFC200090D01E10FC4811906560000000
SET COP=[COLOR=red]C01E10FC3FA07F7F93BF10FCC3FF10FCEC3F002AD03E10FC7C7D1B787FE3FB7857BD063E48119061[/COLOR]

Max Stats On Buy
003FC0F0 60000000
003FC100 60000000
003FC110 60000000
003FC120 60000000
SET OGP=409DFF0C4BFFFF04C182B918FF806000409DFE9C4BFFFE94C182B918FF806000409DFDCC4BFFFDC4C182B918FF806000409DFD68
SET COP=[COLOR=red]60000000[/COLOR]4BFFFF04C182B918FF806000600000004BFFFE94C182B918FF806000[COLOR=red]60000000[/COLOR]4BFFFDC4C182B918FF806000[COLOR=red]60000000[/COLOR]

Higher Than Normal Stats On Buy
003FBE80 3C00447A
003FBE8C 901C0684
003FBED4 3C00447A
003FBEE0 901C0688
003FBF94 3C00447A
003FBFA0 901C0690
003FBFF4 3C00447A
003FC000 901C068C
SET OGP=409C0298FC006090FF806800D01C0684
SET COP=3C00447AFC006090FF806800901C0684
SET OGP=409C0234FC006090FF806800D01C0688
SET COP=3C00447AFC006090FF806800901C0688
SET OGP=409C0164FC006090FF806800D01C0690
SET COP=3C00447AFC006090FF806800901C0690
SET OGP=409C00F4FC006090FF806800D01C068C
SET COP=3C00447AFC006090FF806800901C068C

Powerup State Stays On & Takes 1 Kill To Activate
003F8D9C 48000030
0044D7E0 60000000
00549B30 60000000
SET OGP=7F895040409D0030
SET COP=7F89504048000030
SET OGP=812A00C0D01F01E4
SET COP=812A00C060000000
SET OGP=FF8C0000D01F0010
SET COP=FF8C000060000000[
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