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Steam Achievements​

BourbonFind the bourbon.
Combo KingGet a combo greater than or equal to 10,000.
CompletistComplete every challenge level.
CreamyFind the custard cream.
Dangerous DodgingSurvive for 100 seconds on challenge 15c without shooting.
DigestionFind the chocolate digestive.
Easy StreetFrom the start, finish the game visiting only normal levels.
Escape!You must... ESCAPE!
FigsFind the fig roll.
Got Nothing On MeGet a perfect on level 15c.
Great ExplorerUnlock every level.
Hiscore HeroScore greater than 250,000,000. Challenge games do not count.
Impressive CollectionEarn all of the combo medals. There's one on each stage!
Mr. PerfectFrom the start, complete the game visiting only insane levels without dying.
Multiplier MadnessGet a 9x multiplier.
NotedFind the £5 note.
RingFind the jam ring.
WafersFind the pink wafer.
Who Needs Bullets?Finish level 1a without shooting.
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