Save Game Editing


Goooooooood afternoon all,

Im in the process of changing my user name/gaming name and I have done it on my PSP and several of my games that support changing your name but I've hit a dead end with some games that won't allow me to OR there isn't an option to change it :/

The only way I could see around it was using something called Savegame Deemer? But to activate a plugin I thought you need to restart your Psp after installing it but I have a PspGO on 6.35 Pro-B4 so when I restart I need to use the fast recovery option :(

So the only way I can think of is to get Deemer working, possibly Hex edit my save games that don't support the function then whack them back on my Psp? If so can someone link me to a guide that detailed or possibly another way? Games like DBZ Tag Team have changing your name as an option however Ace Combat 2 doesn't :(

Thanks in advance people :)

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