Save Data Corruption After Upgrade


I had recently upgraded my 5.03 gen-c 3000 model to 6.20 tn-d perma and found that just one of my save files had been corrupted. Of all games, it decided to corrupt Final Fantasy Tactics: WOTL (you can just imagine my horror at the potentially high amount of hours lost)...

I looked around and have gone through quite a few sites/forums/threads and tried a bunch of methods. From Savedeemer, Freecheat/SED, Fix v3, and so much more. Anything that seemed reasonable, I tried it. I've even downgraded back to (and am currently sticking to it a little longer) 5.03 gen-c and still the save file is corrupted.

I'm getting the intense feeling I'm SOL but does anyone have any other ideas??
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