Got Pro Action Replay or Game Genie codes for some Game Gear games? Post them here!!

final kaoss

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Also Known As: Samurai Spirits (J)

Pro Action Replay Codes:
Infinite Time - 00C200:63
Amakusa Unlocked - 00C075:80
Player 1 Infinite Health - 00C090:FF -Rune
Infinite Life P2 - 00C093:52 -Rune
1-Hit Death For P2 1 - 00C093:00 -Rune

Game Genie Codes:
Infinite time - 00C-B3D-3BE -Galoob
Start round with 50 seconds - 3EC-62D-80E + 32C-63D-193 -Galoob
Start round with 60 seconds - 3EC-62D-80E + 3CC-63D-193 -Galoob
Start round with 75 seconds - 3EC-62D-80E + 4BC-63D-193 -Galoob
Both players start with 1/4 energy - 14F-4BF-E6B -Galoob
Both players start with 1/2 energy - 22F-4BF-E6B -Galoob
Both players start with 3/4 energy - 30F-4BF-E6B -Galoob
Infinite energy - 01B-F4D-EB9 -Galoob
Get Pow from every hit - 3EC-51D-191 + 01C-53D-08A -Galoob
Once you have Pow you keep it - 007-CAD-3B2 -Galoob
All hits do massive damage - 20B-4BC-F77 + 06B-4AC-E68 -Galoob
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