Samurai Shodown 2

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Alternate colors​

Press [Hard Kick] or [Medium Kick] while selecting a character.

Easy wins​

Use defensive maneuvers if winning the game is your goal. Allow your opponents to approach and reveal their weaknesses before striking when they are most vulnerable.

Do not underestimate the power of slashes, kicks, and impaling maneuvers. It is more effective, especially in later fights, to wear your enemy down with multiple blows instead of going for a quick kill.

Jumping attacks make excellent combo openers, allowing you to inflict massive damage. Be wary of their drawbacks; your character will be exposed for a matter of moments as he soars through the air.

Fight as Kuroko​

Select two player mode, then press [Up], [Down],
, [Up], [Down],
, [Select] at the character selection screen.​
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