Samsung’s next flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S20, gets photographed

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    The Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G. We're getting pretty wordy with these 5G phone names again. [credit: XDA Developers ]

XDA Developer's Max Weinbach has scored the first in-person photos of Samsung's next flagship smartphone. We previously only saw the phone in renders, so there are a few things to go over.
Since the Galaxy S10 came out last year, we've been calling Samsung's next phone the "Galaxy S11" because we're great at math. But this year, it seems the S series is getting a new numbering scheme, and, according to the boot screen, this device is the "Galaxy S20+." With the S20 in 2020, apparently Samsung has decided to number these things like they're the latest installment in an EA Sports video game franchise.
The front is right in line with Samsung's last phone, the Galaxy Note 10, with a centered cutout for the front camera. XDA says the display sides are "much less curved than before. Our source said [the display] felt flat." Samsung has been pushing curved display sides for years, but the feature has never offered any usability benefits—it just distorts the sides of the screen and makes it easier to accidentally touch the sides of the display. Seeing a sensible return to flat displays would be great.

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