Safe for PSN access?


Ok i bought my PSPGo today and i just finished adding custom firmware, i have 6.20 Pro B9 and am wondering if it is safe to use the PSN for purchasing and downloading games? Or do i need 6.60 Pro B9 or something like that (if it exists that is) or does it not matter if my PSPGo is running 6.20 (cfw) whereis the current latest version is 6.60 OFW.

I searched the forums for an answer but the ones i did find that were asking if its safe to go online with so-and-so version of CFW but their CFW version might have matched the current OFW version at the time.

So which versions of custom firmware are currently safe to use on PSN today as of right now?

Edit: I need to know as i dont want my new PSPGo getting banned from the network, that would suck =/
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