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Hex Cheat​


R Teather 012C C4 012E 63 0130 C5 0136 63 0138 63
N Adamson 02C1 64 02C3 63 02C5 64 02CB 63 02CD 64
K L Dobson 0458 BF 045A 63 045C B8 0462 63 0464 BA
T Hudson 05DA 63 05DC 18 05DE 63 05E4 1A 05E6 63
P J Roderik 0796 63 0798 6F 079A 63 07A0 69 07A2 63
T L Ramo 092D 66 092F 63 0931 66 0937 63 0939 66
L Jelico 0AD6 63 0AD8 5F 0ADA 63 0AE0 59 0AE2 63
P Hackney 0C77 63 0C79 67 0C7B 63 0C81 67 0C83 63

Now, say you wanted to upgrade Mr R Teather, to 99 percent for all attributes, I would save my game, and go into debug and do the following: nsavepeop.sv1

e 012c c4
e 012e 63
e 0130 c5
e 0136 63
e 0138 63

Now compare the above to the values beside R Teather on the table.

Unlimited Action Points​

Choose any mission and four characters. Equip, then deploy the characters. Click on the blueprint icon on the main menu. Then, select each character in the following order, then click on the left hand icon: 3, 4, 1, 2, 2, 4, 1, 3.
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