Guess who’s back?...A old friendly face has officially returned to chat about RuneScape Patch Notes again!📍
Full notes:


  • Inspecting Zorgoth's ring while wearing it no longer unequips it.
  • The material storage container at the Memorial to Guthix should no longer be affected by configuring the material storage container at the Archaeology guild.
  • During the Battle of Forinthy epilogue, Bilrach now uses his new visual FX created during the development of Requiem for a Dragon.
  • Corrected some text seen while speaking to Death during Requiem for a Dragon.
  • The Translator during the Requiem for a Dragon quest now wields an Order of Dis blade and throws it as a ranged attack.
  • The Destroy confirm message for Zorgoth's (Soul) Ring no longer mentions May's storage chest twice.
  • Completing a Manifest Ectoplasm ritual is now required for the In Rituals We Trust achievement.
  • Clarified the description of the 'In Rituals We Trust' achievement, since it doesn't require quest-specific rituals.
  • The Pumpkin Mask and Ensouled Pumpkin Mask now apply their durability benefit to both the Um and Ungael ritual site.
  • Teleport issues with the Tome of Um 1 have been fixed.
  • Small edits to the Requiem for a Dragon quest journal.
  • Communion rituals can no longer be completed at Ungael. This is to avoid the loss of materials while unable to gain Souls at Ungael.
  • Tooltips in the skillguide will now be correctly shown on mobile devices.
  • Speaking to Vorkath's ghost after Requiem for a Dragon (with Zorgoth's Soul Ring) no longer gives you another Zorgoth ring.


  • Updated the look of the Pernix and Shadow gem Pernix outfits to better align with player feedback. To know more check out our recent blog.
  • The menu for adding logs to a bonfire will no longer appear if unstable protean logs are the only type of logs in the player's inventory making it work the same way as regular protean logs.
  • The Skilling backpack now correctly updates its examine description to match its current functionality and level whenever it's reclaimed from Diango.
  • Thalmund no longer appears in free-to-play worlds.
  • Leftover Christmas decorations have been removed from various doors in Varrock.
  • The On the Wings of Air song required for Music Maestro is now unlocked for players who have completed Jack of Spades, if not previously unlocked.
  • The Aquarium Treasure Chest now correctly states which Clue Scroll was obtained.
  • Cadava Berries are no longer listed under the Junk category in Bank.
  • Fixed a bug (ha) with Kalphite King, whereby its base hit chance (affinities) were prioritising the wrong styles: E.G in ranged form it was weaker to ranged attacks than melee attacks (excluding weakness).
  • Using spells on the ground while Legacy Mode is active no longer results in an incorrect message.
  • Filling buckets of Slime from the Pool of Slime is now slightly faster.
  • The Genocidal perk bonus will now show the exact damage increase on the buff icon.
  • If a player has blocked XP in a skill via Nastroth and lends that skill to another player via the assist system, XP earned for the assister by the assistee is now blocked.
  • Sliske's health bar should now disappear whenever the boss fight during the Sliske's Endgame is over.
  • The 'I Meant To Do That' achievement now requires 5 Agility, and has been moved to the Agility Achievement category.
  • The Hefin Agility Course lap timer now counts when the player is busy, and saves elapsed time on the client when logging out, capping at under an hour.
  • The 'Stick The Knife In' achievement can once again be unlocked by passing through a web in Varrock Sewers.
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