Rune Factory Oceans [BLES01550]


[B]Package Format[/B]

Max Money on Buy [Crapulecorp]
OGP: 80C4F250 8084F250 90660004 80640004 7C032800
COP: 80C4F250 8084F250 90A60004 80640004 7C032800

A big thanks to Tekman for the Package Format.

[B]PS3 Usercheat Format[/B]

Max Money on Buy [Crapulecorp]
00002000 00135E58 90A60004


Max Money on Buy [Crapulecorp]
offset: 0x00135E58, size: 32b, input: 90A60004


Max Money on Buy [Crapulecorp]
0 00135E58 90A60004
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