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Thanks for buying RoboWarrior from Jaleco. It's just one of many new and
exciting games we will be bringing out for your NES.


RoboWarrior-The Story
Instructions-The Controller
Zed and His Powers
Learn the "Main" and "Sub" Screens
Special Powers
Super Powers
Know the Score
The Lands of Altile
The Room of Idols-Well of Hope-The Shop
The Xantho Invaders
The Lords of Xantho
The Mighty Xur
Taking Care of your Jaleco Game

In the distant future, overpopulation and pollution have plunged planet Earth
into near ruin. World leaders have no way to solve the crisis, so they turn to
Altile, a very wise scientist for possible answers. Altile is a genius, and
after a short period of thought, devises a plan to rid the Earth of this terrible
curse. In the year 2395 Earth's scientists and engineers follow Altile's plans
and construct an artificial planet in the far reaches of the galaxy that will
be home to a portion of the overpopulated Earth's people. All the people of
Earth work together to complete and colonize the artificial planet. Unfortunately,
Altile dies shortly after crafting his plans for the new world, and never sees
his dreams come true. So, in his memory, the people name the planet Altile.
Besides providing a new and peaceful home for the people of Earth, the new
planet Altile also unites the nations of the Earth. Thoughts of war
disappear and the half-man/half-machine RoboWarriors, who have defended
the Earth for so long, are deactivated, and the two planets, Earth and Altile,
exist in harmony.

But in the year 2036 A.A. (After Altile), led by their ruthless dictator Xur,
the Xantho Empire from another dimension invade Altile, deactivating
its specially constructed weather-control system and plunging the peace-loving
people into bitter cold. The Xantho aliens transform the surface of the beautiful
green planet into a barren and brown wasteland for their own diabolical uses.
The inhabitants of Altile flee underground to escape the frigid temperatures
that the Xantho Empire have inflicted on their planet. Before leaving, however,
they send a message to their sister planet Earth begging for help. Although
the Xanthos are cruel, the brave people of Altile vow never to surrender.

The Earth scientists receive the Altile plea and quickly reactivate the
Z-Type Earth Defense cyborg (ZED), the most powerful of all RoboWarriors.
They ready ZED for combat, preparing their fastest spaceship to send him
across the galaxy to Altile. ZED lands in Landor on Altile, far from the alien
Xantho main invasion force, yet he can see the terrible destruction Xur and
his Xantho Empire have inflicted upon Altile-green plants withered,
beautiful birds and animals gone. ZED knows he has to reach the
weather-control station, but it's feared that Xur himself commands the
vital base. ZED also holds a secret that will help him defeat Xur. Before
disappearing underground, the people of Altile have left many assorted
energy capsules hidden on the surface of their planet. These energy capsules
not only increase the fighting abilities of RoboWarrior, but other special
functions as well. ZED knows he must find the capsules to topple the Xanthos
and restore freedom to Altile.

As you will discover, Altile is a magical land filled with wonderful
surprises and plenty of challenges. You'll encounter dozens of strange
aliens and see fantastic sights as you guide ZED on his quest above and
below the surface of Altile. On your way to a final confrontation with Xur,
you must use all your weapons and bombs to uncover the secret powers
left by the people of Altile in order to help you defeat the Lords of Xanthos.
It's a dangerous mission, but tremendous awards await ZED and the people
of Altile should you succeed.


As you know, ZED is a mighty warrior with many different abilities and
powers. Before you can send him into battle with Xur, you must first learn
how to use these powerful weapons. PAD-Moves ZED across Altile and around
obstacles/Is also used to select powers and super-powers in the sub-screen.
SELECT-Calls sub-screen and main screen.
START-Pause during play/Start game.
'B'-Releases bombs when available.
'A'-For attacking with laser/Selecting power or super-power in the
sub-screen/Using power or super-power in the main screen.

If ZED's energy supply is depleted, your game will end and the following
prompt will appear on the screen:


Selecting start will return you to battle at the beginning of play, while
the continue mode will take you back to the first level of the period you
were last on.

ZED is the most feared and respected of all RoboWarriors. His combined
human and cyborg characteristics make him the ultimate soldier, having
the ultra-fast reactions of a computer and the bravery of a man. Besides
the various weapons and powers ZED finds during his adventures, he has
many regular functions, and several super-functions that you must monitor
at all times.

You will use ZED's beam gun and bombing abilities more than any of the other
available weapons. Both are powerful and will enable you to defeat the
Xantho invaders as you make your way to Xur at the weather-station.

Use your beam gun to eliminate the enemies as they appear on the screen.
Be careful! Many of the aliens require more than one hit to vanquish them,
so be sure you have plenty of room to attack. As you gather more Power
Balls, the length of your shots will increase and the number of shots you
need to destroy the Xanthos will decrease. ZED's ability to bomb things,
however, is the essential part of the game! Use bombs to destroy the
aliens and the various types of blocks that stop movement and hide
secret Powers. A bomb will explode one second after ZED releases it.
Although powerful, the bombs have an effective range of only one block.
Your inventory of bombs decreases as you use them. Collect additional
bombs by recovering the hidden bomb symbols found in most rounds,
or by gathering the single bombs (blue) left behind when an enemy is
destroyed. Even though the bombs are your most effective weapon, they
inflict serious injury much more powerful than the aliens' attacks. So
clear out fast before they blow! In the early rounds, practise laying
bombs and running away so you can perfect your play for more difficult
stages of RoboWarrior.

Before setting off on your quest, you must first learn about all of ZED's
super abilities. Each provides ZED with a different function vital to his

Range indicates the effective shooting length of ZED 's beam gun. You can
increase it by one block every time you collect the special Power Ball.

There are eight different levels of defense power ZED has to protect
himself from Xantho attacks. Defense power varies with your score. The
more points you collect, the more powerful ZED becomes to resisting
hits. Always try to guide ZED to the highest points.

Always indicated in the upper-right corner of the screen is ZED's Energy
Level, the most important function of all! Remember: ZED is half machine
and requires a constant supply of power. If his energy is depleted, the
game ends. ZED can carry up to four Life Pods and one Energy meter at once.
The Energy Level decreases with both the lapse of playtime and with
successful attacks of the Xanthos. Find any of the hidden Life Pods and
you'll automatically replenish ZED's supply by adding four white bars
to the Energy meter. Energy can also be refilled with one of the Special
Powers ZED can collect in many of the stages.

The story of Altile is full of adventure, spread across many lands. But
if you hope to see all the wondrous sights, you must master RoboWarrior's
two separate screens.

The main screen shows ZED and the various dangers and powers that can
be seen within ZED's immediate area. As you move, the whole screen will
scroll to bring new items into view. The screen moves in only one
direction however, so don't try to backtrack. Remember your mission! You
must reach Xur and the weather-station before it's too late.

The sub-screen, meanwhile, provides a menu and easy access to any of
the special powers ZED has collected. You must use the directional pad
to guide the arrow next to the appropriate power and select it with either
the 'A' button or the Select button. If you decide not to choose a special
power, press the 'B' button. This will return you to the main screen without
selecting a special power. After you return to the main screen, you can
activate the power or super power by pressing the 'A' button. To use a
power-up again, you must re-enter the sub-screen.

Let's Learn About ZED's Special Powers and Super Powers ZED must use all
of his cunning, bravery and fighting strength to defeat the Xanthos and reach
their vicious leader Xur at the weather-station. As you struggle to help save
Altile, you must collect the power-ups the people of Altile have left.
Power-ups are the most important things to remember if you want to go
against the evil Xanthos. But before you can use the powers that you have
gathered, you must first learn exactly what each does. Some of them are
good during battle, while others work well underground. There are 23
items in all for ZED to recover. Do you know which are best for you?

Candle-The candle is a useful implement that lights up a narrow area
around ZED for a time. The candle should always be used underground
and in dark passages to help you find your way out.
Energy Capsule-Energy is the most important power of them all. It
completely refills ZED's energy reserves, but must be used before
the ENERGY METER runs out. Remember always to keep ZED's energy
level as high as possible.
Clock-This clock is strange and mysterious, unlike any ever made.
It has a mystical power that freezes time and places all the objects
on the screen in suspended animation for 10 seconds. You can also use
the Clock to stop the Xantho Lords, but, since the Lords are more
powerful, the Clock will stop them just for an instant. If you want
to eliminate an enemy more quickly, or simply want to escape from
a large group, use the Clock to always get the upper-hand.
Super Boots- These special boots makes ZED move faster for a period of
20 seconds. Super Boots increase ZED's fighting abilities by allowing
him to maneuver better around the aliens and blocks. The boots are
especially helpful in the underground sections and when you battle
the Xantho Lords.
Missile-The Missile is a mighty weapon with greater distance and more
power than ZED's regular pulse rifle. It destroys everything in its path,
including enemies, obstacles, and blocks.
Flash-Flash is another great weapon that will destroy all the aliens on
the screen! It won't destroy the Xantho Lords, however, but it will damage them.
CrossFire-Activates ZED's additional guns and allows him to shoot
simultaneously in four directions for 35 seconds. It is more effective
in open spaces such as underground and when fighting the Xantho Lords.

Life Vest-The Life Vest looks like an inner tube. It enables ZED to float
over the water for 20 seconds. Since ZED is half robot, he will sink and
die if he tries to cross a stream or lake without a vest.
Lamp-The Lamp is much more powerful than the Candles and should be
used in the above ground stages that are dark. The Lamp can also be
used underground; but in most instances, the Candles will do.
Megaton Bomb- The Megaton Bomb is the most powerful weapon in ZED's
entire arsenal. The Megaton Bomb destroys all the blocks and aliens on the
screen at once with thundering force! You should use these valuable bombs
only in stages that are filled with blocks and when fighting the Lords of Xantho.

Besides the many special powers left by the people of Altile, ZED will
find many other magical treasures that can help you beat Xur. Some will
increase ZED's fighting ability while others will award mega-point
bonuses. Still others must be found to exit certain stages. Try to gather
as many as possible to win the game.
Super Bomb-Increase ZED's allotment of regular bombs by 10 with a Super Bomb.
Always get the Super Bomb whenever possible so you can explore the hidden areas.
Power Ball-The Power Ball is a key element in the game. It increases the
firing range of ZED's gun each time it's collected. It's especially important
to have a longer beam in later levels of play when the aliens move faster
and are more dangerous.
Life Pod-This reserve tank will immediately increase ZED's energy.
Barrier-As soon as the Barrier is collected, a powerful shield will surround
ZED and protect him from both the aliens and his own bomb blasts! The Barrier
is so strong, in fact, that you can eliminate the Xantho warriors by simply
running over them with it! Hurry, because the Barrier is only activated for a
period of 15 seconds.
Magical Bee-Unlike the other treasures and powers, the Bee is a unique item.
Once you retrieve the Bee, it will automatically transform itself into any one
of ZED's
Special Powers: Candle*Energy*Missile*Super Boots*Clock*Cross Fire. You can
never be sure exactly what the Bee will give you, so try not to miss it!
Medal-Very important! You must save the medals to exchange for Special
Powers or Super Powers in the shops. You can collect medals and save them
up from round to round to purchase the more expensive enhancements if you like.

Chalice-Chalices are jewel-encrusted cups and part of a wondrous treasure
hidden well by the people of Altile so that the Xantho invaders would never
see such beauty. These cups are priceless artifacts sent to Altile from
Earth. The Chalice also holds a special secret! If you fail to find and pick
up the chalice, the level that you're on will continue without end! You must
uncover the valuable chalice treasure and take it with you if you want to
Key-A special key is hidden somewhere on the far right of all the individual
stages. Once you grab the key, you'll see an exit automatically appear at the
upper right-hand corner. The level will end once you leave through the exit.
Remember, the Key is always located at the end of a round. If you don't see the
key, use your bombs to destroy the blocks and uncover it.
(Both the Chalice and the Key are required to exit some rounds. If you can't seem
to escape, look for these two objects to be hidden in certain blocks.)

The following treasures will increase your score and also increase ZED's defenses

* 100 Points

** 1000 Points

** 10,000 Points

** 100,000 Points

** ???? Points

As you'll discover, Altile is a large planet with exciting sights, terrible
dangers, and obstacles. The region known as Landor to the people of Altile,
once rich and green, but now a wasteland, is where you'll battle Xur and the
Xantho invaders. Each of the different lands that comprise Landor have been
mapped, but little is known about them since Xur took over.

The game begins as ZED's space fighter drifts overhead and drops him on the
surface of Altile. "What a barren and desolate place this is..." ZED thinks to
himself. You can start ZED on his quest by first learning some of the maneuvers
that will take him to the final confrontation with Xur. The first screen is
stationary, providing an excellent opportunity for you to hone your fighting
and bomb-laying skills. Once you have perfected the basics, you can move into battle.

THE FRINGES (First Level)
The first area where ZED must restore peace are the Fringes. Once one of the
most stunning sights in the entire universe, the Fringes are still slightly
green in parts. However, they are devoid of life and filled with pain. The
Fringes are the very edge of Landor, and an example of Xur's wrath.

THE OUTLANDS (Second Level)
The damaged ruins of Altile still grace the landscape in the once magnificent
Outlands, although blue streams and some small bushes remain. One of the
regions has been blacked out, so be alert!

Once the most important region in Altile, the Land of Temples has been
decimated by the evil Xanthos. The people of Altile have fled this sanctuary
in the face of the Xantho invasion but pledge to return with your help. Be
careful! A Xantho Lord now holds a tight grip on this important land!

THE IRON HILLS (Fourth Level)
At one time the Iron Hills were rich and prosperous, providing homes to
millions of people. Since the Xantho invasion, however, the Hills have been
swept clean and are now devoid of human life.

INTELLICON (Fifth Level)
The technological hub of the planet Altile, Intellicon produced the greatest
computers and robots in the entire universe. Like the other inhabitants of
Altile, the great scientists who occupied this region have all fled underground
to escape Xur and his Xantho armies. A Xantho Lord now controls this land.

OCEANIA (Sixth Level)
Before the Xantho attack, Oceania was a rolling land filled with mighty seas
and rivers. Blue and magnificent, these seas were once the home to many
forms of marine life. Now Xur has changed most of the region into a desolate,
scorched land, draining the water from the face of the planet for his own
home world. You must reach him at the weather-station to revitalize this
precious water.

OUTER CITY (Seventh Level)
The Outer City is near the outskirts of the Altile capital, Regency. It has
been fortified with a number of obstacles, numerous aliens, and two Xantho
Lords! It's a very difficult region to conquer, but with ZED's extraordinary
abilities you can do it!

REGENCY (Final Battle)
Regency is the inner capital of Altile and Xur's new headquarters. The vital
weather-station control systems are being held closely by Xur and Gholem,
the most powerful of the Xantho Lords. There's not much information
available-rely on ZED's fighting skills and your own reactions and you may
be able to reach the evil dictator of Xantho...the mighty Xur!

What secrets lie underground?
In addition to the many sights you'll find on the surface of Altile, hidden
staircases leading underground can be found in most areas. Constructed by
the people of Altile to escape the Xantho invaders, these passages have been
covered with blocks, trees and other objects to prevent Xur from eliminating
the population of Altile. This doesn't mean that the underground passages
are empty, by any means. You'll find still more special powers can be found
in these darkened areas, as well as a cadre of aliens! Filtering into the
underground from a secret entrance in the main city, the Xanthos have not
found the people of Altile, but the aliens do mean business!

The Room of Idols
Besides the many implements and bonus objects above and below the surface
of Altile, you'll find several secret rooms spread throughout the above ground
landscape. These special sanctuaries are most often located near the top of
the screen. Can you find them? The idol rooms provide ZED with a chance to
increase some of his powers. Bombing the various statues in the correct order
will uncover power-ups for you, but if you destroy the wrong idols, you'll
receive nothing!

Well of Hope
The Well of Hope is a special area that looks like a pool of water surrounded
by blocks. One of the blocks can be destroyed with the appropriate number of
bomb blasts, giving ZED easy entry into the water itself. ZED will not drown
when he enters the Well of Hope. Instead, you will be awarded with twice as
many Special Powers than you previously possessed! You know that you've
entered the well when the screen flashes brightly. After you see this flash,
quickly check your sub-screen and see for yourself!

The Shop
At the end of certain periods ZED will encounter a special room filled with
weapons and other implements, including the powerful Super Powers! You
can retrieve these items in exchange for Medals you collect during the
course of the game. Spend them wisely! Certain power-ups are vital in later
rounds, so be sure that you have enough to purchase them!

Known throughout the universe for their atrocities and cruelty, the Xantho
aliens are as powerful as they are numerous. A wide variety of adversaries
await you in the occupied lands, each with their own strengths and abilities.
You must stop the Xantho before the atmosphere becomes critical and the aliens
set their sights for other planets-such as Earth!

Strinker (100 Points)-Strinkers are very slow animals enslaved and
reprogrammed by the Xantho. The Strinker will usually stick to the sides
of walls for protection. These creatures can be avoided.
Skraug (100 Points)-Skraug is another non-violent creature that cannot
fire at ZED. The Skraug moves faster than the Strinker, however, and can be
dangerous unless you eliminate him quickly.
Grunt (200 Points)-Grunt is an infantry soldier who moves slowly after ZED.
He doesn't fire any shots, but if you let him get close to you, he will sap your
energy. Tracer (200 Points)-Tracer is similar to a Grunt, with the same powers.

Mecha-Bird (100 Points)-Mecha-Birds are mechanical replicas of normal birds
of prey that will attack ZED. If not destroyed, the cyborgs will continue off
the screen.
Baiter (100 Points)-Baiters are robots that use much more dangerous actions
to trick ZED and inflict damage. Be aware of the Baiters at all times and try
to eliminate them on sight.
Deltoid 1 and Deltoid 2 (200 Points)-Deltoids are special crystal-like objects
that move toward ZED in a slightly curving manner at rapid speed. Deltoids
will stop at nothing to get to ZED and can damage you if they reach your
immediate area.

Lurcher (400 Points)-Lurchers are robotic spiders armed with powerful
missiles that inflict great damage upon ZED. Lurchers can only fire their
weapons in straight horizontal or vertical directions, so watch where you
move! If your skillful, you can trick Lurchers into firing their guns, hiding
from their shots, and then returning their blasts.
LORIC Tank (400 Points)-LORIC Tanks are heavily armored, independently
controlled vehicles developed on the planet LORIC, one of the many worlds
that Xur has conquered. These powerful tanks maneuver into dangerous
positions so they can take aim at ZED in a manner similar to Lurchers. Try
to trick them in the same way as the Lurchers.
Type 1 and Type 2 Amoeba (200 Points)-These shrouds, the Amoeba,
transform themselves into the deadly Wanes and Wisps whenever ZED
approaches. Always destroy these seemingly harmless creatures, or you'll
soon find yourself face to face with a screenful of Wanes and Wisps.

Wane (200 Points)-One of the most deadly creatures in the entire universe,
the Wanes, like their brothers the Wisps, move at lightning speed and can
damage ZED tremendously. Wanes can also steal ZED's energy and selectable
weapons making them formidable opponents!
Wisp (200 Points)-Almost identical to the Wanes, the Wisps also charge
directly at ZED with tremendous precision and speed! Wisps also steal energy
and implements so be sure to return their attacks without thought!

Globula (30,000 Points)-Lord of the Amoebas
The vicious creature Globula is assembled of millions of Amoebas, combined
to make a tremendous monster of gigantic proportions! Globula creeps about
in a sluggish manner while spitting tiny Amoebas in ZED's direction at all times.
Viripides (50,000 Points)-Lord of the Dragons
Viripides was once Xur's pet trained to guard and enslave entire planets!
Viripides lives in a well just outside Intellicon, defending itself by moving
quickly and launching fireballs at ZED.
Aquarian (100,000 Points)-Lord of Water
Aquarian is a special machine constructed by Xur to help overtake the planet
Altile. It can maneuver quickly using the ghosts of whales to attack ZED's
position. Move quickly!
Lian (120,000 Points)-Lord of Air
Lian inhibits a region of Altile near a great lake. Lian is genetically created
and boasts the abilities of many different creatures. Lian moves quickly with
great swiftness, firing deadly flames at ZED.

Pyrodyne (150,000 Points)-Lord of Fire
A specially designed cyborg of incredible strength, Pyrodyne has the power
to spray fire at ZED. Once a man, Pyrodyne now serves Xur with his special powers.
Gholem (180,000 Points)-Lord of Stone
Gholem is the strongest of the Xantho lords, an evil monster assembled from
stone and rock. Gholem is also the most aggressive of the Xantho Lords,
showering ZED with stones while moving in a triangular direction. Watch
out for his attacks!

What to expect when you meet Xur...
Little is known about the background or abilities of the mighty Xantho warrior
Xur. He has conquered many different worlds and enslaved millions of innocent
people in his quest for universal power, and he expects Altile to fall as well.
Obviously Xur has never heard of the RoboWarrior ZED!
Although they don't confirm it, intelligence reports taken before the actual
invasion say Xur is actually a cyborg-like ZED. Xur is also half man/half
machine, with incredible powers and a mind like a robot.

How do you stop Xur?
Even though he is powerful, Xur can be stopped. He takes damage like many
of the other aliens (especially the Xantho Lords), but is much stronger. Certain
weapons work better on him than others. Experiment to find out which are best.

* This Jaleco Game Pak is a precision-crafted device with complex electronic
circuitry. Avoid subjecting it to undue shock or extremes of temperature. never
attempt to open or dismantle the Game Pak.
* Do not touch the terminal leads or allow them to come in contact with water
or the game will circuitry will e damaged.
* Always make sure your NES Control Deck is SWITCHED OFF when inserting the
Game Pak or removing it from the NES Control Deck.
* Never insert your fingers or any metal objects into the terminal portion of the
expansion connector. This can result in malfunction or damage.

Jaleco(tm) and RoboWarrior(tm) are trademarks of Jaleco Ltd.
(c) 1988 Jaleco Ltd.
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