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Unlimited items

This codes gives you an unlimited supply of items, except the Candles and Lanterns! You can also use the Stage Select and Walk Through Obstacles codes after you get this code to work. After you start the game:
1. Collect exactly 62 bombs
2. Destroy a Lurcher (Spider) above ground, with your regular gun while it is below you (so you are facing down to shoot him).
3. Press Select to switch to the sub-screen and move the cursor to the E (energy) capsule. Do not activate it!
4. Hold Up and Left on Controller 2
5. Press A, A on Controller 1. This will activate the E Capsule and bring you back to the Play screen.

After you complete this code, if you go to your sub-screen, it will appear unchanged. However, if you use one of your items, the number indicating how many you have will not decrease. You must collect at least one of an item (to make it appear on the sub-screen) before you can use it.
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Stage select

After you complete the Unlimited Items code, simultaneously press Up, Left and Select. The stage number will appear on the screen. Use A and B to select which stage you'd like to go to.
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Go through barrier

After you complete the Unlimited Items Code, press Start to pause the game. While holding Select and B, press Start to get the game going again. From then on, you can hold Select and B, and steer Zed through any barriers.
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