Robot Wars Advance Destruction Cheat Codes (for Gameboy Advance)

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final kaoss

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  • 101
Defeat 101 in championship mode.
  • Behemoth
Defeat Behemoth in championship mode.

  • Cassius Ii
Defeat Cassius II in championship mode.
  • Chaos 2
Defeat Chaos 2 in championship mode.
  • Hypno-disc
Defeat Hypno-Disc in championship mode.
  • Mortis
Defeat Mortis in championship mode.
  • Onslaught
Defeat Onslaught in championship mode.
  • Panic Attack
Defeat Panic Attack in championship mode.
Re: Robot Wars Advance Destruction

  • Play As House Robots
To unlock the House Robots in the robot select, all you have to do is complete the mayhem mode in the games section.

HINT-get away from other robots and let them destroy each other rather than you.

HINT2-the only way to destroy the house robots is by pushing them in the arena pit.
  • Plunderbird 4
Defeat Plunderbird 4 in championship mode.
  • Pussycat
Defeat Pussycat in championship mode.
  • Razer
Defeat Razer in championship mode.
  • Robot Mayhem Mode
Wait for other Robots to appear so they can fight each other. Push disabled Robots into the pit.
  • Stinger
Defeat Stinger in championship mode.
  • Terrorhurtz
Defeat Terrorhurtz in championship mode.
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