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Get lots of experience points

Get to the wild boar boss, and equip yourself with the quarterstaff. Let the boar charge you, and he'll kill himself off for you! You'll get 10 EXP for the kill. Now leave the cave before he disappears, and reenter. The boar will be alive again ready for another whoopin! Repeat the process until you have your desired level.
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Defeat Little John without taking a hit

There is a way to defeat Little John without taking a hit. There is a small gap between the bridge and the large rock on your side of the screen. Jump off the bridge and wait for Little John. When he jumps off, attack John so that he gets caught between this gap. if done right, you can keep hitting John with your sword, and he won't be able to touch you once with his quarterstaff! It does take practice but it becomes routine after awhile.
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Tip on friends

The only time Robin Hood's friends take damage is in melee combat mode (defeating tons of guards on an overhead view), so don't waste any food on them unless you know there is an overhead view battle coming up.
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On the title screen press A, A, A, A, A, A, A, A, B, B, B, B, B, B, B, B to go to a password screen.

Password Stage

CATACOMB Outside Arab Prison
WALL Near Hadrian's wall
LOCKSLEY Outside Locksly Castle
DUBOIS Outside Dumbois Manor
CHASE Horse race to Sherwood Forest
CATHEDRA Rescue of kidnapped maiden
BOAR Battle with a wild boar
MASTER Search for Master Trainer
CHAPEL Meeting with Marian at Chapel
WELL Search for Haunted Well
TAX Attack on Gold Wagons
POND Search for Healing Water
VILLAGE Defence of Sherwood Village
CELTS Battle with Celts
TOWN Journey to town
TOWNHANG In town square by Gallows
CASTLEIN Inside Sheriff's castle
WEDDING End of the game
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