Ride BLES02133 1.00​
(World Tour Mode)
0 on spend
0 011D2B0C 90BF0000

OGP= 4800000863C40000909F0000
COP= 4800000863C4000090BF0000

Inf Retrys (Need Atleast at start 1.)
0 009A9FFC 60000000

OGP= 808300083084FFFF90830008
COP= 808300083084FFFF60000000

Max Rep / 1st Place
0 0118BA4C 90DE0000

OGP=  907E0000E80100907C0803A6EBC10070EBE10078382100804E8000204E800020
COP=  90DE0000E80100907C0803A6EBC10070EBE10078382100804E8000204E800020
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