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It's time to formally announce ReviveDC's month of Street Fighter event.

Over the next month, we'll be releasing 8 Street Fighter games, a few of which haven't been done before. They're all at the level of quality you'd expect from us by now, meaning no downsampling, dummied files, sorttxt files, optimization where necessary, high resolution cover artwork and reviews. If you're a Street Fighter fan, you're going to be in heaven and I know that it's the reason a lot of people keep a Dreamcast around.

If you haven't subscribed to the newsletter yet, you should. Subscribers will get early access to some of the games. The first game will be available to those already subscribed tomorrow; if you're not in on it yet, send an email to [email protected] requesting to be subscribed by 12:01 AM PST, October 1st to get the game early.

For now, we'll announce the first two weeks. They aren't particularly exciting, but we're not too concerned; the good stuff takes a bit more time to work on. The rest of the games will likely be announced in a week's time.

If you're not familiar, there are several of our NEO4ALL games posted in the downloads section of this site, along with some commercial Dreamcast images. These games will all be posted there as well.

October 4th
Street Fighter Alpha 3 (sorttxt, data/data mode, nothing downsampled)
Super Puzzle Fighter II X English Translation

October 11th
Super Street Fighter II X English Translation
Super Street Fighter II X Blood on the Asphalt

October 18th
Street Fighter III Third Strike Arcade Edition
Street Fighter III Triple Threat

October 25th
3 games
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