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Resident Evil 4 - Wii Edition (USA)

final kaoss

Staff member
TopClassic Controller Pad 1lee4
2832FF7A 0000????
Digits 0000 = None 0001 = Up 0002 = Left 0004 = Zr 0008 = X 0010 = A 0020 = Y 0040 = B 0080 = Zl 0200 = R 0400 = + 1000 = - 2000 = L 4000 = Down 8000 = Right
TopGCN Controller Pad 1lee4
2834CC88 0000????
NOTE: All Wiimote attachments (Nunchuk or Classic Controller, etc) must be removed/disconnected from Wiimote. Digits 0001 = Left 0002 = Right 0004 = Down 0008 = Up 0010 = Z 0020 = R 0040 = L 0100 = A 0200 = B 0400 = X 0800 = Y 1000 = Start
TopAshley Costume Modifierlee4
00337F3B 0000000?
[Ported from PS2 ver.] Ashley Clothing Digits 0 = Hooded sweater top, green mini skirt (looks like dirty panties) 1 = Pop sensation 2 = Knight Armor Suit (bullet proof plus anti carry away) 3 = Hooded sweater top, green mini skirt 4 = Hooded sweater top, green mini skirt
TopLeon/Ada Costumes Modifierslee4
00337F39 0000000?
[Ported from PS2 ver.] Leon Clothing Digits 0 = Bomber Jacket 1 = No Jacket (too bad it got stolen) 2 = No Jacket 3 = RPD uniform 4 = Mafia outfit Ada Clothing Digits 0 = Red Mini Skirt (Gun holster ruins the looks of the dress) 1 = Infiltrate outfit 2 = Red Mini Skirt 3 = Chinese Red Dress (long red dress) 4 = Red Mini Skirt
TopMain Character Modlee4
00337F38 0000000?
(Characters Other Than Leon May Freeze The Game If You Don't Skip The Cutscene) unequipped weapon prior to make the code work. [Ported from PS2 ver.] 0 = Leon 1 = Ashley 2 = Ada 3 = Hunk 4 = Krauser 5 = Wesker
TopPlay As Ada Wong47iscool
00337F38 00000002
TopPlay As Albert Wesker47iscool
00337F38 00000005
TopPlay As Ashley Graham47iscool
00337F38 00000001
TopPlay As Hunk47iscool
00337F38 00000003
TopPlay As Jack Krauser47iscool
00337F38 00000004
TopPlay As Leon Scott Kennedy47iscool
00337F38 00000000
TopAll Extra Games Unlockedlee4
0233b604 0000FFFF
[Ported from PS2 ver.]
0033b609 000000??
[Ported from PS2 ver.] 00=censored 01=uncensored
TopDifficulty Levellee4
0033B3EC 0000000?
[Ported From PS2 ver] 6=Professional 5=Normal 3=Easy 1=Amateur
TopToggle Auto Aimlee4
2832FF7A 000020010033b600 00000030E0000000 800080002832FF7A 000060000033b600 00000000E0000000 80008000
(L+Up=On/L+Down=Off) (Classic Controller) [Ported from PS2 ver.]
TopToggle Auto Aimlee4
2834CC88 000000480033b600 00000030E0000000 800080002834CC88 000000440033b600 00000000E0000000 80008000
(L+Up=On/L+Down=Off) Gamecube Controller [Ported from PS2 ver.]
TopAshley Costume 147iscool
00337F3B 00000000
TopAshley Costume 247iscool
00337F3B 00000001
TopAshley Costume 347iscool
00337F3B 00000002
TopAshley On/Off B Dpad Right/Left47iscool
20332E8C 4404001000747318 00000005E2000001 0000000020332E8C 4804001000747318 00000000E2000001 00000000
To Activate Reload Current Checkpoint/Area & Hold Desired Button Combination.
TopPlayer Costume 147iscool
00337F39 00000000
TopPlayer Costume 247iscool
00337F39 00000001
TopPlayer Costume 347iscool
00337F39 00000002
TopPlayer Costume 447iscool
00337F39 00000003
TopPlayer Costume 5 (Leon Only)47iscool
00337F39 00000004
TopPlayer Costume 6 (Leon Only)47iscool
00337F39 00000005
TopStart New Game with Full Health - Player47iscool
04072554 38000960
TopStart New Game With Silenced 9mm47iscool
04032544 38800024
TopStop/Start Camera B-Dpad Right/Left47iscool
20332E8C 440400100030ED80 00000017E2000001 0000000020332E8C 480400100030ED80 0000000AE2000001 00000000
Topwhat are ya buyin'47iscool
009A09F1 000000??
Allows you to buy whatever item/weapon you want from the merchant, Only the for main story, See my Wii code list for the attachment(List of weapons & items)
Olá, se o código que você procura não estiver disponível, tente encontrá-lo aqui.

Olá, se o código que você procura não estiver disponível, tente encontrá-lo aqui.

Bom eu já tentei modificar o código que tem lá de atravessar paredes mas ele não funciona já mudei várias vezes é este código aqui

3C8043C8 3C608033
6063C2C2 88630000
70630008 41A20008
7C8400D0 909B02C0
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