recent trouble with sd card reader, anyone else having this?

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So when i finished the ones I made a while ago, I was all amused with the project but then set it all aside while perusing other work.

Whey I first finished them, all was working fine (I made three in various forms). All 3 worked.

This morning I decided to give a few homebrews a try that I had never played before (quake simpsons, new halflife mod), as well as put under defeat on to look for lag comparisons to the real deal.

Now my sd card readers are not working. I can get to the file managing folder, but can not select the games (I can select them, but nothing seems to be happening).

The hardware is fine, i'm confident in that. I recently formatted the card to fat32. I'm using dreamshell 4.0, and have tried loading the .cdi's from the root folder as well as placing them all in the DS folder.

I'm going to try reformatting my card, but don't think that is the flaw, as I did this only moments ago when putting the games on the card.

I removed the rip tool as I have no use for it currently.

I feel like I'm missing something very obvious... Any ideas?
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