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$500 Rumble mass nutrition cheat​

When you are tring to bulk up your rumble boxer and are short on cash but want to give them the big stuff, try this. First, when you are training your boxer go over to the rumble aroebics. Quickly press Left and then the A button. If you've done it correctly you should have gotten your mass nutrion for the price of a rumble aerobics training lesson-$500.

Alternate Costumes​

On the character select screen press left c and up c at the same time and your beefy bruiser will be wearing some rather weird clothes that you havent seen before.

Cheat Codes​

To activate a cheat, select Championship mode and enter its code as a gym name. Then exit Championship mode and select Arcade mode.

Bronze Class boxers -- BRONZE
Championship Class boxers -- CHAMP
Gold Class boxers -- GOLD
Silver Class boxers -- SILVER


During a match, hold C-Left + C-Down or C-Up + C-Right to taunt your opponent.
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